Premier League player’s wife shares anti-vax message online

Premier League player’s wife shares anti-vax message online
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Carl Bennett

By Carl Bennett

Published: 28/12/2021

- 16:33

Updated: 28/12/2021

- 16:34

The picture was taken at the Freedom March in London in December

The wife of Premier League goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has shared an apparent anti-vaccine message on her Instagram.

Megan Davison posted an image from the Freedom March in Central London, which caused chaos in the capital on December 18.

Thousands of people attended the protest to further restrictions that were put in place to curb the spread of the Omicron variant.

Davison, 25, shared an image of a protester holding a placard which read: “Even if you’re not conspiracy minded, something in your soul has to say…something is wrong.”

The picture was posted without any other comment and is no longer available on her Instagram account.

Davison is not the first partner of a Premier League star to post content like this online. The girlfriend of Manchester City’s John Stones wrote on her Instagram: “Do not get a vaccine so you can travel because that ski trip means nothing and your human rights mean everything.

“Even if you are vaccinated, say no to proving it. It’s a severe breach of human rights.”

It comes after the Premier League announced 103 new coronavirus cases among club players and staff, the highest weekly number recorded since testing figures began being circulated in May last year.

The league has also confirmed it has reverted to emergency measures following a raft of top-flight postponements.

Increased testing to daily lateral flow and twice-weekly PCR tests have been introduced. Lateral flow testing was previously carried out twice a week.

Players have been urged to get jabbed, with 16 percent of Premier Leagues yet to be vaccinated against the virus.

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