Family’s Christmas ruined after Morrisons replaced roast dinner meal with bag of frozen turkey dinosaurs

Family’s Christmas ruined after Morrisons replaced roast dinner meal with bag of frozen turkey dinosaurs

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 26/12/2023

- 12:04

Updated: 26/12/2023

- 12:13

A mum had been planning on feeding six people with the £37 turkey she ordered

A family has had their Christmas dinner ruined after a supermarket replaced the centrepiece of their roast dinner with frozen turkey dinosaur alternatives.

Cassie Rule, 34, from Malvern, Worcestershire, was planning to cook the turkey and feed it to six people on Christmas day.

However, when her order arrived on December 24, she was horrified to discover one crucial element of the feast was missing.

The turkey, costing £37 and meant to be large enough to feed eight people, was nowhere to be seen.

Turkey dinosaurs

The bag of turkey dinosaur shapes cost just £2.30


In its place was a bag of turkey dinosaur shapes, at a total of just £2.30.

Rule and her son Charlie, 13, were devastated to find the centrepiece of their festive feast was missing.

Speaking to The Sun, Rule said: “We're going to have to eat that is that is all we have now.

“I can't spend Christmas Eve rushing around to find another Turkey. It's too late.”


Morrisons supermarket

The £37 turkey from Morrisons never appeared in her Christmas delivery


She added: “It just won't be the same without a proper turkey.”

It comes after another British supermarket forgot to deliver a family their turkey in time for Christmas.

After placing an order with Sainsbury’s the family was left horrified when their ham joint was replaced with packs of eight ham slices as a replacement.

The order was placed well in advance of Christmas Day, with the unhappy customer saying they purchased the meat on December 3.

However, the customer described the delivery as “absolutely appalling”, after their medium turkey crown and 900g Brunswick British ham joint failed to arrive.

Turkey at Christmas

Rice received no substitution for the turkey he ordered


Jack Rice, the vexed shopper, took to social media to vent their frustration.

He said: “@Sainsburys cancelling my turkey crown (pre-ordered on 3rd Dec) on Xmas eve and also the ham joint but replacing it with 4 ham slices. Absolutely appalling.”

Rice posted a photo of the receipt online too. It read: “We've tried to pick the best substitutes for the unavailable items below. If you're not happy with these substitutions, you can give them back to the driver and we'll send you a refund.”

The joint cost £10 whilst the substitution of the deli slices cost £6.50.

However, the supermarket was unsuccessful in finding a suitable replacement for the turkey.

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