Family's Christmas ruined as Sainsbury's delivers eight sandwich slices of ham instead of traditional dinner

Family's Christmas ruined as Sainsbury's delivers eight sandwich slices of ham instead of traditional dinner

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 25/12/2023

- 12:44

The family also did not receive the ham joint they ordered

A family’s Christmas dinner has been ruined after a major British supermarket forgot to deliver them their Turkey, leaving them without a centrepiece for their festive feast.

Their Boxing Day lunch will also be left in tatters after Sainsbury’s sent them eight slices of ham to replace the ham joint they had initially ordered, which was not in stock.

The order was placed well in advance of Christmas Day, with the unhappy customer saying they purchased the meat on December 3.

However, the customer described the delivery as “absolutely appalling”, after their medium turkey crown and 900g Brunswick British ham joint failed to arrive.

Turkey at Christmas

The customer received no substitution for the turkey they ordered


Jack Rice, the vexed shopper, took to social media to vent their frustration.

He said: “@Sainsburys cancelling my turkey crown (pre ordered on 3rd Dec) on Xmas eve and also the ham joint but replacing it with 4 ham slices. Absolutely appalling.”

Rice posted a photo of the receipt online too. It read: “We've tried to pick the best substitutes for the unavailable items below. If you're not happy with these substitutions, you can give them back to the driver and we'll send you a refund.”

The ham joint, which was out of stock, was replaced with two four-packs of Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference breaded Yorkshire cured cooked British ham slices.


The joint cost £10 whilst the substitution of the deli slices cost £6.50.

However, the supermarket was unsuccessful in finding a suitable replacement for the turkey.

A Sainsbury’s reparative replied to the enraged Rice on social media.

They wrote: “Hey there Jack, really sorry about the issue with your order.


Sainsbury's are investigating the incident


“Could I just get you to DM me via the link below with your full address, email and order number? I'll look into this for you.”

A Sainsbury's spokesperson said: “We are contacting the customer to investigate why this has happened and tell them how sorry we are for the inconvenience caused.

“Every effort is made to include a substitution as close to the original product as possible. We ensure customers are notified of any substitutions on the morning of their delivery so that they are aware of the change before it arrives.

“If they're not happy with any substitutions, these can be returned to the driver on delivery for a full refund. We're sorry for the inconvenience in the rare event a first choice isn't available.”

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