Just Stop Oil mob descends on Waterloo Bridge as ambulance on blue lights blocked from passing

Congestion on Waterloo Bridge

Just Stop Oil (JSO) protesters have caused chaos on Waterloo Bridge after an ambulance on blue lights was gridlocked by the eco-mob

Met Police
Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 08/11/2023

- 10:01

Updated: 08/11/2023

- 14:04

The Metropolitan Police say they are making arrests after activists

Just Stop Oil (JSO) protesters have been accused of blocking an ambulance with "blue lights" on Waterloo Bridge during demonstration chaos.

The Metropolitan Police say they are making arrests after activists refused to move out of the road and continue their demonstration on the pavement.

Another 44 activists have been charged following disruption on Monday, which includes two people causing criminal damage at the National Gallery.

A group of five Just Stop Oil activists, who were part of the original demonstration on Waterloo Bridge, continued their slow march along The Strand.

WATCH NOW: Just Stop Oil deny blocking an ambulance on Waterloo Bridge

The demonstrations, which are part of JSO’s action against the Government granting new fossil fuel licences, saw more than 100 people arrested on Monday.

Two photos shared by the Met appear to show the congestion across the bridge earlier this morning.

"This is some of the congestion which JSO are causing on Waterloo Bridge," police said.

"One of the vehicles is an ambulance on blue lights which is not able to get past.


"Officers are continually telling the activists to move out the road so it can pass while making arrests."

The spokesperson added: “Ultimately it is Londoners who are bearing the brunt and cost of Just Stop Oil’s disruption.”

The climate group have denied blocking the ambulance and instead blame police for the gridlock.

A spokesperson said: "Just Stop Oil’s ‘Blue Lights’ policy has always been that we immediately move out of the way for emergency vehicles with ‘blue lights’ on. The London ambulance service has previously confirmed via Freedom Of Information requests that there has been no significant disruption to ambulances as a result of Just Stop Oil actions.

"In this case, Just Stop Oil supporters were on the other side of the road, and were not blocking the side of the road the ambulance was on. The picture shared by the Metropolitan Police indicates that it's only their officers who are blocking the road with the ambulance. Our own pictures confirm this.

"Nevertheless, we accept that our actions do cause disruption. There are a limited range of options available to normal people to resist government criminality. We will not stand by and watch while our government continues to licence new oil and gas, which in itself is an act of violence."

The Met estimate that more than 40 people have been arrested following the Waterloo Bridge protest.

They said the number of those arrested would be updated in due course.

The latest charges bring the total number of Just Stop Oil activists charged since 30 October to 98, and 219 arrested.

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