Just Stop Oil vows 'epic disruption on a level not seen before' as it looks to raise 300k

Just Stop Oil slow marching
Just Stop Oil have slow marched through London since April
Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 06/11/2023

- 22:50

The campaign has only managed to raise £2,383 so far

Protestors from Just Stop Oil have launched an online appeal to raise £300,000, to fund their next demonstration which they say will bring “epic disruption”.

The eco-protesters have claimed to be “on the brink of a massive victory” as they fundraise for extra cash.

However, the campaign has only managed to raise £2,383 so far.

On their website, the group said: “Just Stop Oil is BACK on the streets for another campaign - demanding that the Government acts on the unfolding climate disaster by stopping new oil and gas.

WATCH NOW: JSO protestors handed sentences after storming the Ashes

“In our fourth major campaign, we are on the brink of a massive victory for humanity.

“Can you support ordinary people stepping up to extraordinary acts in the face of repression?”

A source from JSO said: “The next two months are going to be amazing.

“There will be epic disruption on a level not seen before.”

This morning, Just Stop Oil protesters stormed the National Gallery, using hammers to smash a painting depicting the Suffragette movement, whilst also targeting Whitehall in a series of coordinated attacks.

Two stormed the National Gallery, while another 40 people were arrested after conducting a slow march through Whitehall.


Just Stop Oil protesters Just Stop Oil protesters have stormed the National Gallery, using hammers to smash a paintingJust Stop Oil

Six protestors who were blocking the road to the Cenotaph were also arrested.

Storming the National Gallery, the two protesters shouted: “It is time for deeds and not words. It is time to Just Stop Oil.”

Writing on social media, Just Stop Oil said: “Our Government have revealed plans for MORE oil licenses, knowing it will kill millions.

“In response, two supporters of Just Stop Oil smashed the Rokeby Venus — slashed by Mary Richardson in 1914.”

The group, no stranger to causing public disturbances, sparked outrage last month when they spray painted the Wellington Arch with orange paint.

The campaign group demanded the Government immediately halt new oil and gas projects as they assembled outside the London monument which honours Wellington’s victory over Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.

Just Stop oil paints Wellington ArchJust Stop Oil spark outrage after spraying paint over Wellington Arch: ‘Will they ever just STOP?’Just Stop Oil

Photos show protesters standing in front of the monument wielding flags and holding orange paint dispensers.

Three people were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Meanwhile, a week earlier, the group Just Stop Oil blocked a coach taking the first group of migrants back to Bibby Stockholm.

As many as 23 supporters of Just Stop Oil blocked the road, the only one with access to the boat on the Isle of Portland.

The group unfurled a banner reading “No Prison Ships” as they stood in front of the coach, stopping asylum seekers heading back to the barge two months after it was evacuated following the discovery of Legionella.

Their attempts to block the bus with around 30 migrants on it, were unsuccessful.

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