Universal Credit claimants could get the payment early this week

Universal Credit claimants could get the payment early this week

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt outlines Universal Credit changes in Autumn Budget

Patrick O'Donnell

By Patrick O'Donnell

Published: 27/12/2023

- 12:42

Universal Credit is a benefit payment for those on low income who are looking for work

Households are being reminded that the payment dates for certain people on Universal Credit are being affected by Christmas and New Year.

Due to the bank holidays this month, when people get paid benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) could be different.

Universal Credit claimants are being urged to check if their payment dates have changed as it could affect when they can pay vital bills.

Aside from Universal Credit, other DWP payment dates are being impacted by the holidays.

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Payment dates could be different for Universal Credit claimants this New Year


Universal Credit payment dates over Christmas

Benefit claimants who were due to get paid by the DWP either on Christmas Day or Boxing Day should have been paid on Friday, December 22.

Those on Universal Credit who are due to be paid today, on Wednesday, December 27, will get their payment on this date.

It should be noted that those on other DWP benefits will have seen their payment date change even if they were expecting to get paid on December 27.

Anyone on other benefits who are due to be paid today should have received their payment prior to Christmas on December 22.

Universal Credit payment dates over New Year

Universal Credit claimants who usually get paid on the first of the month will be impacted by the New Year celebrations.

Those set to be paid Universal Credit or any other DWP payment on New Year’s Day should get paid on Friday, December 29.

Recipients of Universal Credit who get paid on the second of the month should receive their payment on Tuesday, January 2.

Individuals on any other payments may receive their benefits from DWP early on Friday, December 29.

Outside of Universal Credit

Universal Credit gets paid every month


How much is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is made up of a standard allowance plus any additional amounts a person may qualify for.

If a person is single and under 25, the standard allowance is £292.11 a month, while those over 25 will receive £368.75.

Couples who are both under 25 will receive a monthly standard allowance of £458.51 which will be for them both.

If one of the members of the couple is over 25, the pair will get a monthly standard allowance worth £578.82.

Claimants could get an extra amount if they have children, need to pay for childcare costs or if they have a disability.

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