Mick Lynch BACKS GB News campaign as he highlights sinister issue with radical rail reform plans

Mick Lynch revealed he backs GB News' Don't Kill Cash campaign

Mick Lynch revealed he backs GB News' Don't Kill Cash campaign

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Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 05/07/2023

- 17:39

Updated: 12/07/2023

- 19:40

The RMT general secretary voiced support for GB News' campaign while talking to Patrick Christys about the imminent closure of ticket offices


RMT union leader Mick Lynch has given his backing to the GB News Don't Kill Cash campaign.

Giving his support to our bid to protect the future of Britain's physical currency, the trade unionist warned of the dangers if the UK ditches rail ticket offices across the country, with train passengers forced instead to pay for their journeys digitally or on unmanned card machines.

Lynch revealed he was "absolutely" behind the GB News campaign, adding: "We don't want cash to go out.

The general secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers continued: "It becomes more and more difficult for those on low budgets, for instance, who use cash as a means of controlling their weekly and monthly spend.

"Because if you take a fixed amount of money and budget to that it means you're in control, to some extent, of your life.

"And if you're just doing it on the card or some kind of tap method you can quickly run out of control of your life."

The 61-year-old, who spoke with GB News' Patrick Christys, also addressed new plans to close hundreds of ticket offices at train stations across the country.

Lynch said: "Most stations will have no staff in attendance whatsoever.

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"That means that if an elderly person, a person with disabilities, or visibility issues, that'll be a problem."

The RMT chief made the comments after rail firms announced plans for the mass closure of England's ticket offices in an attempt to "modernise".

Train operators have not yet sent redundancy notices but have issued section 188 letters.

Such letters inform unions and staff that posts are at risk and provide a legal requirement for possible widespread redundancies.

A closed ticket office at Ramsgate station in Kent

A closed ticket office at Ramsgate station in Kent


More than 130 out of 149 remaining Northern Rail ticket offices will face closures, including Darlington and Durham.

However, Lynch's opposition to going cashless comes as GB News continues to gather support for its Don't Kill Cash campaign.

GB News' petition, which is urging the Government to protect the status of cash as legal tender and as widely accepted means of payment until at least 2050, has so far received 118,000 signatures.

MPs across the House of Commons have also come out in favour of the campaign, including Bob Seely.

You can help GB News in ensuring the Government and businesses Don't Kill Cash by signing our petition.

Have you found yourself impacted by the cashless society?

Email in and let us know your stories gbviews@gbnews.com

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