British Gas customers save £450 on energy bills with 'small hacks'

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British Gas customers saved £450 on energy bills

Temi Laleye

By Temi Laleye

Published: 21/04/2024

- 14:45

Energy saving hacks include replacing traditional lighting with LED bulbs and reducing the heating temperature

British Gas, OVO, EDF, E.On and Octopus customers have managed to slash £450 off their bills with energy-saving habits.

From replacing traditional lighting with LED bulbs to reducing the heating temperature on the office thermostat, British Gas has shared the small hacks that can help save customers hundreds off their bills.

Small business have slashed £450 off energy bills in the past year with new energy-saving methods.

Customers can save money using a variety of different tips, tricks and hacks, that have been tried and tested by people around the UK.

The research was commissioned by British Gas Business, whose enterprise director, Matt Wood, said: “Small changes can make a big difference to energy consumption in the workplace, and it’s encouraging to know a lot of SMEs are actively doing things to keep costs down.

“Although prices have come down slightly, we know many small businesses are struggling with their energy costs, and we’re continuing to help them find ways to be more energy efficient, and save on their bills.

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Energy saving hacks include replacing traditional lighting with LED bulbs


“By implementing small, energy-saving hacks into their day-to-day operations, businesses can start to reduce their overall environmental impact, too.

“While saving on bills might be their primary motivation right now, rather than becoming more sustainable, businesses can feel reassured that the changes they are implementing are helping to drive down costs and carbon at the same time.”

Energy saving hacks include replacing traditional lighting with LED bulbs, switching off or unplugging electrical devices and equipment daily and reducing the heating temperature on the office thermostat.

Britons may have also changed the bulbs to a lower wattage and limited the amount of time the heating is turned on.

Britons are urged to use these hacks to cut bills and the cost of living continues to bite.

UK tenants' energy bills match an extra month’s rent, according to new research.

It has hit a seven-year high of £1,331 per year, £1 over the average monthly rent in Britain.

According to the report, British Gas, OVO, EDF, EOn and Octopus tenants are now shelling out £5,993 more annually in rent and energy bills compared to a decade ago.

Aneisha Beveridge, Head of Research at Hamptons, said: “During the last two years, tenants have found themselves squeezed financially from all sides.

"While their ability to afford the rent is typically tested when they move into a new home, increases in rents have come alongside big hikes in energy and food bills.

"Even though increases in these costs are slowing and, in some cases, reversing as inflation nears its two per cent target, living costs remain much higher than two years ago."


Other ways to slash costs include using paper towels in the toilets, instead of hand driers and encouraging working from home where possible, as well as going bringing in paper-free, or remove office printers and slashing working on-site/in the office days to a minimum.

Other ways include if you upgrade to a more efficient heating system, encourage meetings to be held online, rather than in the office and only turn the dishwasher on when it's full.

People could also incentivise energy reduction challenges among employees, give everyone a break during peak energy use times and only allow site/office use when natural lighting is available.

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