Mark White's exclusive analysis on UK's soaring migration as he outlines EXACTLY who is being let into UK

Mark White has revealed all for GB News members about today's immigration figures

Mark White has revealed all for GB News members about today's immigration figures

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Published: 23/11/2023

- 14:39

In this exclusive video for GB News members, GB News Home and Security Editor Mark White goes through all of the latest migration numbers

Speaking in the GB Newsroom just moments after today's figures were released, Mark highlighted how the latest migration figures made for very interesting reading.

He explained: "So 1.2 million people came to the UK in the year to June, about half a million or so left. So that gives you a net migration figure of 672,000."

"Now we thought that was a record, but actually the ONS have also revised the figure for the year before.

"So when I was standing on a clifftop in Dover giving the figures of 606,000 net migration for last year, we were thinking that was a record year, very high indeed.

"But actually they've revised that figure. It was 745,000, just let that sink in. 745,000 people came to the UK as a net migration in the year previously. That is an enormous figure."

Analysing the latest numbers, Mark revealed: "When we also drill into the figures, the latest figures in terms of work visas, 322,000 people came to the UK on work visas, up from 198,000 previously.

"And they are mainly people that we are told have come to work in the NHS and social care student visas. Now this is really interesting.

"378,000 student visa applications for the UK in the year to June, compared to 320,000 the year before.

"Now 96,000 of those applications were actually dependents. 96,000. This is according to the Office for National Statistics.

"However, we've also been looking at the Home Office figures and there's a disparity. They say 154,000 dependents were granted visas in that same.

"So what that disparity is and why there is such a big gap, we don't know.

"But 154,000 dependents, according to the Home Office, and they're going to clamp down.

"They're going to tighten up the number of dependents at student visas applicants can take to the UK."