'Two common style missteps' women make as they age that make them look years older

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Ill-fitting clothes are not flattering, an expert explained

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 24/06/2024

- 13:36

Updated: 25/06/2024

- 10:09

Women commonly make two style mistakes that could add years to their appearance

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What we wear can be powerful and completely change how old we appear. Speaking to GB News, a style expert shared the ageing mistakes people often make when putting together an outfit.

One thing that will make women appear older is opting for ill-fitting clothes. Holding onto items that are too tight can be unflattering and do nothing to create a youthful appearance.

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Experts share style advice for women


Similarly, oversized clothing is often shapeless and adds years to your appearance, design manager at Hockerty Teresa Fernández said.

She told GB News: "As we get older, two common style missteps are ignoring fit and playing it too safe. Wearing clothes that don't fit well can ruin even the nicest outfit. Made-to-measure pieces ensure a perfect fit."

Getting clothes tailored is a great way to ensure your garments fit like a glove and highlight your best attributes.

However, if that's not possible, it is worth trying clothing on before buying and only purchasing the best-fitting pieces. Women should also be ruthless with their wardrobes and get rid of clothes that no longer fit.

Adding a pop of colour or opting for a flattering pattern such as diagonal checks and vertical lines can also help women to appear more youthful.

Teresa added: "Don't be afraid to add some bold colours or patterns to keep your look fresh."

This comes as another expert shared why women should ditch black in favour of colourful pieces.

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Tailored items are flattering for women


Vintage fashion expert and owner of Modes and More Susie Nelson said it is wise to "ditch the black and add some colour" to your look.

She explained: "Whilst many people choose to wear black as it can be slimming, it also washes you out and highlights dark shadows and wrinkles.

"Wearing bright colours not only makes you feel vibrant but adds a sense of fun. And fun usually (but not always) equates to youth.

"Block colours stand out and exude a sense of confidence. Shades of pink, red and purple suit most people."

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