'It's game-changing!' Expert shares 'fundamental' tip to always look good at any age

Woman shopping / Anna Curtis

An expert shared how to find the best looks for you

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 16/06/2024

- 10:00

An expert exclusively shares how to transform your wardrobe and style by finding your colour palette

Finding the perfect outfit can brighten your appearance, make you look years younger and boost your confidence.

Colour stylist Anna Curtis of The Colour Code spoke to GB News about the best way to find the style that suits you best.

We all know the confidence you feel when putting on the perfect outfit but finding the ideal dress or top is no mean feat.

For those who are not sure of their style, Anna shared how different colours can brighten your appearance and help build your confidence.

Colour season chart

Everyone has a season which determines which colours suit them


She explained the best way to find the colours for you is to "understand your personal palette". This can be done by searching online to complete a quick style test or by speaking to a professional such as Anna.

"It's game-changing knowledge," she explained. "What is really great is being able to build and develop confidence.

"The first introductory and transformative piece of advice I would give people is to do some research into the core elements of your appearance.

"Everyone has a colour season - spring, summer, autumn or winter - and a number of physical attributes should be taken into consideration when deciding this."

Anna advised considering "your hair colour, your eye colour and your skin tone", and asking yourself "do you have cool or warm undertones? How much contrast do you have between your features? Do you have pronounced cheekbones? Have you got big eyes, or is it all slightly more muted?".

"By thinking about these fundamental elements of your physicality you can put yourself into one of four seasons," she added.

In general, springs look great in warm and bright shades, summers can sport soft tones like pastels, autumns shine in colours you would associate with the season and winters look good in jewel tones.

While it can get more nuanced with sub-seasons such as "bright winter" and "true summer" - and those looking to unlock their personal style and palette would do well to speak to an expert - Anna explained doing a quick test to find your season is a good place to start.

Once you know your season and the colours that work for you, this can help you choose what items to buy that will complement your hair and other items of clothing, and that can be worn year after year.

Anna - who has 20 years of style experience working with actors, presenters and models - added: "[Knowing your colours] is a beauty hack. You understand how to find the right red lipstick to wear, the right cream shirt or the right type of jumper to buy before you've even walked into the shop."


Anna Curtis

Anna Curtis has 20 years experience in the style industry


This allows shoppers to be more efficient and save time and money by giving them the skills to find the right looks for them quickly.

"It gives you confidence and can help you to experiment with colours that are going to make you feel fabulous. You demystify a lot of the stress around shopping," Anna added.

"My ideal for everyone is that every jacket will tone with every pair of trousers, with every pair of shows and that extends into your make-up bag and the way you tint your hair."

The expert, whose work extends into colour therapy and colour psychology, added she can help align people to colours that also complement their personalities.

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