Women over 50 should 'say goodbye' to warm clothing item that 'does nothing for their figure'

Women over 50 should 'say goodbye' to warm clothing item that 'does nothing for their figure'
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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 22/02/2024

- 13:25

Hoodies and crew neck jumpers may be a comfy item in everyone's wardrobe, but it is not a flattering look for women over 50, an expert suggested

A woman's personal style can change with age and her favourite outfit during her 30s and 40s might not be completely suitable in her 50s and beyond.

A style influencer for women shared the items ladies might want to ditch as they hit this decade of their lives. She recommended that this demographic get rid of their sporty jumpers because they do not accentuate their figure.

Nancy Queen, also known as Shopping On Champagne, took to YouTube to share which items "we just don't need to wear now that we're over 50".

The style influencer advised women over 50 to ditch their fleeces and hoodies.

Woman wearing a hoodie outside

According to the fashion influencer, hoodies are 'not doing anything for your figure'


She told women: "You can say goodbye to them. They're not doing anything for your figure."

The fashion enthusiast added that this particular item can make a woman look heavier than she is.

Nancy added that crewnecks typically have a round neck and she believes that "round equals pounds".

The expert explained that this item gives off a "boxy" look, and is unshapely which "adds weight - and we don't need that anymore".

Women in their 40s and 50s are often prone to weight gain during the menopause, but they can lose it by avoiding certain carbohydrates.

According to style influencer Nancy, ditching these types of jumpers does not have to mean forgoing warmth and comfort.

She recommended experimenting with wraps, cardigans and jackets, as "you don't need a sweatshirt to be comfortable". Cardigans and jackets can be tailored and flattering.

In a similar vein, the style expert told women over 50 to get rid of clothes that do not fit them as these are often unflattering.

Woman wearing cardigan

Cardigans, jackets and wraps will keep you warm without compromising on style


Whether an item is shapeless and baggy or too tight, if it doesn't fit properly it's "not serving you any purpose".

It's perfectly normal for a woman's body shape to change as she ages and, naturally, this means they can outgrow clothes that once fitted perfectly.

Another style expert for women over 50 shared how they can achieve a smaller waist "instantly" through clever fashion choices.

She said: "These are your no-diet-necessary and no-exercise-necessary solutions. Now I'm definitely not saying that diet and exercise are bad of course - they are wonderful for health - but this is about providing solutions that you can do right now to reduce the look of your waist before you start all the dieting and all the exercise or anything else you like to do."

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