'Drop a decade!' Women can look 10 years younger with a vitamin in as little as two weeks

'Drop a decade!' Women can look 10 years younger with a vitamin in as little as two weeks
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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 15/02/2024

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Plastic surgeons shared how women can take 10 years off without going under the knife - you just need one ingredient in your skin care, they claim

Cosmetic procedures are certainly an option for women who want to look younger, and there are plenty of surgical and non-surgical ones out there.

However, you don't have to spend lots of money in order to look young, and even plastic surgeons advocate for natural anti-ageing methods too. Vitamin C can work wonders for a woman's skin.

Dr Shirley Madhere and Dr Leif Rogers shared how women can "drop a decade" without non-surgical procedures or going under the knife.

Dr Rogers explained that vitamin C is in your skin when you are young and works as a "powerful antioxidant", as well as being "critical to collagen synthesis".

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Middle-aged woman applying a skin care cream

Women can turn back the clock with Vitamin C, applied topically


As we age, we lose vitamin C, and it can also be depleted by UV damage and toxins such as smoking.

He said: "Because of that we end up with more wrinkles in the skin, we end up with drier skin.

"The secret though is that we can actually put the vitamin C back into your skin with topical treatments," he told Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz explained that vitamin C "rejuvenates the skin" and "reverses age-related damage".

As for how long it takes for vitamin C to work its magic, Dr Madhere said that it varies from person to person.

She said: "Some people might start to notice changes anywhere from two to four weeks, but for others, it may take up from six to eight weeks. Nevertheless, a maximum effect should occur at about six months."

Vitamin C has immense benefits, according to the experts. Age spots are essentially sun-damaged skin, and Dr Madhere explained that vitamin C has been shown to reduce the number of sunburn cells as well as reverse age-related damage.

While it is not a sunscreen, it helps to protect against and repair UV damage such as discolouration and fine lines.

Middle-aged woman applying a skin care cream

'we can put Vitamin C back into your skin with topical treatments'


Dr Rogers urged people to apply their vitamin C topically through creams. He said that while taking it orally is important and helpful, the benefits are much stronger when it's applied topically.

Indeed, he claimed: "You actually get 20 times the amount of vitamin C into the skin than you do if you take it orally".

When buying vitamin C products, women should ensure it contains ascorbic acid which is "the most active ingredient". It should also contain three to 10 per cent vitamin C.

To prevent it from oxidising and becoming ineffective, your vitamin C product should be in a sealed, airtight container that is light-proof.

Women can also shave years off their age by revamping their diet. Ladies can look 10 years younger "in days" if they ditch an inflammatory food.

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