Britons warned of 'biggest' threats to their gardens this winter - protect plants from 'deadly' cold

Flower frost

Cold weather can be 'deadly' for plants

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 10/12/2023

- 08:01

Updated: 15/12/2023

- 13:21

As cold temperatures continue in the UK, Britons are being urged to pay special attention to their plants

Plants become vulnerable in the colder weather and it is important to make sure they don't freeze.

Experts shared how to look after your plants this December.

Adding mulch could be one way to prevent freezing, according to garden gazebo expert at Gazeboshop Samantha Richards.

She said: “With winter here, harsher temperatures and limited daylight hours have arrived.

Flower frost

Frost in the garden is common at this time of year


“As the seasons change so should the way you look after your plants. To help ensure your outdoor plants survive the colder months, here are my top tips.

"During the winter months one of the biggest threats to your plants will be the cold weather.

"Once the temperature drops below zero degrees celsius most plants will be susceptible to freezing which can be deadly.

“Adding a fair amount of mulch such as compost, leaves, bark or even wood chippings around your plants is a great way to add an extra layer of protection against the cold."

Some plants will need more special attention to keep them warm, Sarah explained.

She suggested using a horticultural fleece to protect "tender plants" like perennials.

“If you do have tender plants such as perennials in your garden, these will not survive the winter," the expert continued.

"If you do want to keep them alive through till next spring you will need to keep these plants safe and warm.

“The best way to do this is to use a horticultural fleece which can be bought online or in any store that sells gardening supplies.

Flowers in snow

Experts shared how to protect plants


"Not only will this help to protect your plants against frost during a cold weather snap, it will also stop wind, hail, birds and insects damaging them too."

This comes as another gardening expert suggested bringing the most at-risk plants inside.

Experts at Express Bi Folding Doors said: "This winter remember to protect and cover any vulnerable or delicate plants to shelter them from any frost or cold winds.

"If you have any potted plants, it’s time to move them inside for the winter in a bright spot near the window.

"Then come spring, pop them back outside. Make sure to prune any dormant trees or shrubs, so they can get ready to thrive again in spring."

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