'Don't neglect!' Gardeners warned not to forget important gardening job in December

Frost in garden winter

Experts shared important gardening jobs to do

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 03/12/2023

- 08:01

Britons will be spending less time outside as the cold weather hits but there are still some tasks that need to be done for a healthy garden

As temperatures drop, it is tempting to spend less time in the garden. But your outdoor space should not be forgotten completely.

Experts have shared the winter jobs that are key to keep a garden healthy now.

This includes everything from maintaining decking and protecting plants.

"If you have decking in your garden, don’t neglect it in the winter," experts at Express Bi Folding Doors said.

Decking in garden

Now could be a good time to tend to decking


​"Keep on top of removing any access moss or lichen.

"This will encourage you to make use of it on those crisp bright wintery mornings and avoid it being used just for storage."

Not only will this keep the decking well-maintained for next year, it allows homeowners to make use of it on sunny winter days.

It is also important to take care of plants as the weather cools.

Different plants will have different needs, for example it could be time to bring delicate potted plants inside.

The experts continued: "This winter remember to protect and cover any vulnerable or delicate plants to shelter them from any frost or cold winds.

"If you have any potted plants, it’s time to move them inside for the winter in a bright spot near the window.

"Then come spring, pop them back outside. Make sure to prune any dormant trees or shrubs, so they can get ready to thrive again in spring."

This comes as lawn experts shared the best ways to "avoid lawn damage in winter".

They said gardeners should take time to gather and remove debris from their lawns.

It is also a good time to consider fertiliser and removing any weeds.

The last time to mow the lawn has passed for most people, but anyone who still plans to do this should not cut the grass too short.

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