The most 'damaging' gardening mistake to stop making now  - 'causes problems for you and your neighbours'

Garden planting trees

Planting large trees can be the biggest gardening mistake

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 27/10/2023

- 15:00

The gardening mistakes that most Britons make have been shared

The needs of the garden vary depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

An expert has shared the top 10 mistakes gardeners make and why the most common one is so damaging.

The new survey by Toolstation looked at the biggest mistakes people make in their gardens.

This was based on what most landscapers consider to be a big problem.

Person gardening

Experts shared the biggest gardening mistakes


Biggest gardening mistakes

1. Planting a tree or plant that then grows too big

2. Not maintaining the lawn properly

3. Not considering the maintenance to upkeep the garden

4. Not thoroughly planning a design for the garden before starting work

5. Watering too much or too little

6. Planting high maintenance plants or vegetables

7. Planting plants or vegetables too close together or in the wrong spot

8. Using the wrong soil or not amending the soil

9. Not killing the roots properly when weeding

10. Planting plants or vegetables in the wrong season

Gardening and landscape expert Fiona Jenkins from explained why planting a tree in the wrong place can be disruptive for homeowners and their neighbours.

She said: "One of the most common gardening mistakes is planting a tree or hedge in the wrong location.

"It then grows too big and causes problems for you and potentially for your neighbours.

"Fast growing hedges can quickly become unmanageable, which can block natural light from your or your neighbour's property. Choose a slow growing variety so you can maintain it at a reasonable height."

Large tree in garden

Large trees can cause disruptions for you and your neighbours


To avoid making this mistake, Fiona suggested researching how big a tree will become before committing to it.

She said: "When choosing trees, do some research on how tall and wide they typically grow, then consider if the mature tree will still be suitable for your garden.

"Planting too close to the house, garden sheds or even your patio can also cause problems from the tree’s root system interfering with foundations."

This comes as experts shared "vital" gardening job to do now to give the garden a "chance of surviving winter".

The exact time to stop mowing your lawn for the winter has been shared.

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