Best recipe for 'perfect' hair: The breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for 'thicker, fuller' strands - full meal plan

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An expert shared how Britons can eat their way to 'perfect' hair one meal at a time

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 10/03/2024

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A nutritional imbalance can lead to brittle and weak hair, not to mention hair loss. In a new series, GB News looks at the best meal plan to achieve your beauty goals

A nutritious diet may be associated with slimming down and overall well-being. However, eating well is also a step towards healthy, luscious hair.

There are countless hair care products designed to boost hair health, length, thickness and shine. But the secret to gorgeous hair might actually be inside your fridge.

A hair expert spoke exclusively to GB News about how Britons can eat their way to gorgeous locks, providing the ultimate meal plan for hair health.

Alice Dawkins from hair extensions brand Milk + Blush told GB News: "One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to keep your hair healthy is ensuring you’re eating the right foods.

Eggs and salmon on toast

'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for your body and your hair'


"Age, genetics and diet all play a key role in hair health, but with only one in your control, subtle changes in your food intake can go a long way to thicker, fuller locks."

The expert warned Britons that an unhealthy, unbalanced diet could ultimately lead to you losing hair. She said: "A nutritional imbalance will often show up first in the form of hair loss.

"A lack of minerals like iron, selenium and zinc are commonly associated with hair loss, as they’re needed for natural sunlight defence and getting a strong oxygen supply to the follicles.

"Your hair cells – as well as the rest of your body – need a balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates, iron, vitamins and minerals to function at their best." What's more, having a balanced diet "ensures a healthy scalp".

For "perfect locks", Britons can eat specific breakfasts, lunches and dinners that will improve their hair from the inside out. The expert also shared which snacks are ideal for in-between-meal hair boosts.


Hair expert Alice suggested that Britons enjoy a hearty breakfast of eggs on toast with smoked salmon and avocado.

She said: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for your body and your hair. The energy to form hair cells is lowest first thing in the morning - or whenever you wake up.

"I'd recommend a plate of eggs on toast, with smoked salmon and avocado."

The hair guru explained: "Eggs are not only a good source of protein and biotin - the natural building blocks of a hair follicle - they are also rich in Vitamins A, E and M, which are proven to give your hair the boost in strength it needs.

"Meanwhile, salmon is packed full of omega 3s, 6s, and 9s, plus healthy fatty acids that have been scientifically linked to boosting hair growth and follicle health. These same healthy fatty acids can be found in avocados, too."

Dermatologist Dr Dray seconded the hair expert's claim that biotin is integral to having healthy hair - "it's super important". She said: "It is a co-factor that helps enzymes in the body do their thing, including growing long, healthy, shiny hair." Dr Dray said that people can get biotin from avocados, eggs and almonds.

Lunch and snacks

Alice told Britons to stock up on two particular foods for hair health. These can be factored into lunch or eaten as snacks.

The expert said: "Introducing nuts and seeds into your lunches can help turbo-charge your levels of vitamin E, which can boost hair growth."

Nuts are extremely effective when it comes to hair health and they are rich in protein and healthy fats.

Hair transplant surgeon Dr Epameinondas Bonaros said: "Hair is made of protein, so it should come as no surprise that this nutrient is an essential component of natural hair growth and thickness.

"Not eating enough protein can lead to brittle, weak and dry hair, leaving it more susceptible to breaks. Diets that are extremely low in protein can lead to restricted hair growth or hair loss."

High-protein meat that support healthy hair include chicken, turkey and fish, and vegans can get their protein from nuts, tofu, tempeh and legumes.

Nuts are also packed with healthy fats, as are fatty fish, flaxseed and chia.

Those who want to boost their hair and scalp health should also incorporate cucumber into their diets - think, a salad for lunch or served with carrot sticks and hummus as a snack. Or, chuck it in a homemade juice, smoothie or salad.

Alice explained: "Full of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins K and A, potassium, sulphur, zinc, manganese and pantothenic acid, cucumber helps with hair regeneration, scalp health, dryness, dandruff, strength and overall shine."

If you're reaching for snacks during the day, Dr Dray is all about the vitamins folate and iron. She said: "These bad boys are essential for the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells are the cells in your body that carry oxygen around, including to the scalp.

"They are responsible for nourishing the hair follicle and for hair growth. Folate plays a unique role in regulating hair follicle regeneration as well as preventing premature greying. It also regulates sebum, which is important for the health of our scalp and for hair follicles. Without folate, these things aren't just quite right."

Iron is important for hair cell growth and the production of the hair shaft.

So where can Britons get their hands on the essential folate and iron?

Animal sources that are rich in iron include beef, poultry, dairy products, soybeans, legumes and pistachio nuts. As for folate, greens are the way to go. Kale, Brussels sprouts and asparagus are also good sources of folate.

According to the dermatologist, getting enough Vitamin C is a crucial step in the journey towards luscious locks. Carrots, bell peppers and citrus fruits are all rich in this hair-boosting vitamin, which reduces oxidative stress in the hair follicles and scalp.


Woman eating dark chocolate

​Dark chocolate is brimming with hair-boosting goodness - Vitamin A, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc



Alice told Britons that the perfect meal for healthy hair is red or white meat served with leafy greens and sweet potato.

She said: "To ensure maximum hair health and prevent hair loss, you should eat plenty of protein and iron-rich foods.

"Hair follicles are mostly made up of a protein called keratin, so when you consume an adequate amount of protein the hair produces higher levels of keratin, enabling the hair to repair and grow.

"Consuming plenty of iron through red meat allows your body to produce more haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells that carries oxygen to repair cells in your body to help them grow, stimulating hair follicles and promoting growth."

For those who prefer white meat, chicken and turkey - or white fish - make great alternatives. This is because they are "excellent sources of protein and go a long way towards helping your follicles perform at their best".

As for why you should pair this with leafy greens - with the expert suggesting spinach, kale, swiss chard and cabbage - they are all "fantastic all-rounders for your health and hair".

She told hair enthusiasts: "These superfoods promote hair and scalp health thanks to their abundance of folates, iron, vitamin C and vitamin A."

Dr Bonaros agrees that hair health seekers should enjoy leafy greens alongside their meals. He said: "Dark, leafy greens are a great source of nutrients that help prevent hair loss – including vitamin A, beta carotene, folate, iron, and vitamin C. Vitamin A, specifically, is a critical nutrient for hair health. This vitamin helps the body produce sebum - an oil that moisturises the scalp to protect hair."

Alice concluded: "Additionally, as it contains iron, potassium, magnesium and beta-carotene, sweet potato is a healthy carb to add to dinners as it’s great for aiding cell growth and renewal, preventing hair shedding and strengthening your immune system."


After a long day of providing your hair with the nutrients it needs, why not indulge in a tasty treat?

Alice suggested tucking into a few squares of dark chocolate. She said: "Chocolate is made from the cacao bean and turned into cocoa powder once cleaned and roasted before it’s used to make the eggs and bars we know. Cocoa powder contains Vitamin A, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.

“Vitamin A is beneficial as it promotes an efficient supply of blood to your scalp, allowing oxygen to reach the root of your hair cells, stimulating hair growth.

“Meanwhile, zinc and iron deficiencies are common for women with hair loss. By eating chocolate, your body can produce more haemoglobin (a protein in red blood cells), which carries oxygen for the growth and repair of cells.

“Plus, we need magnesium to help our bodies create protein and prevent calcium build-up on our scalp, which can cause hair loss. And the presence of copper peptides plays a vital role in the formation of the hair shaft, as it strengthens the existing hair and promotes collagen production - thickening it and adding more volume to your locks."

Now this does not mean gorging on bars and bars of white or milk chocolate. Indeed, white chocolate contains no cacao at all, so does not have the same vitamin A, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc as its cacao-rich counterparts.

The hair whiz said: "There are many types to choose from, but chocolate containing a cocoa percentage of 70 per cent or higher is the healthiest for your hair as it has a higher concentration of antioxidants and nutrients."

The experts at hair loss concealer brand DermMatch agreed: "We normally think of chocolate as an indulgence, but did you know it packs in powerful nutritional benefits for your hair? It’s true. Enjoying dark chocolate (containing 70 per cent cacao or higher) not only supports hair growth, it also combats some of the leading causes of hair loss.

"Chocolate contains potassium, copper, iron and magnesium in high concentrations. These ingredients are beneficial for healthy hair and skin. And organic chocolate is the best since many regular chocolates may lose most of the healthy antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients through processing."

In addition to dark chocolate's hair-boosting properties, this cacao-rich dessert is a mood booster too, which can in turn contribute to hair health.

The experts explained that dark chocolate contains serotonin which is a natural antidepressant that improves your mood - "this is great news for your hair since stress is another common cause of hair loss".

While age and genetics both play their part when it comes to hair appearance and health, Britons can take their hair into their own hands with some mindful diet changes.

According to the hair experts, it is totally possible to eat your way to long, thick, shiny, healthy, one meal at a time.

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Healthy hair meal plan


  • Eggs on toast, smoked salmon and avocados


  • Salad with meat or fish, nuts and cucumber


  • Red or white meat, leafy greens and sweet potato


  • Dark chocolate


  • Nuts
  • Carrot sticks and hummus

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