Calls for more Ultra Low Emission Zones around the country to 'support net zero transition'

A Ulez sign

The controversial scheme was expanded on August 29

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 23/09/2023

- 08:00

Sadiq Khan has praised the progress of the Ulez for slashing emissions in the capital

One expert has called on governments around the country and world to embrace schemes similar to the Ultra Low Emission Zone to reduce emissions.

London’s Ulez scheme was expanded at the end of August to include Greater London, with an estimated 700,000 extra drivers included in the zone.

The expansion proved highly controversial with numerous protests and legal challenges being launched to attack the new rules.

Despite this, one expert is still massively in favour of rolling out the number of emissions-based charging zones to reduce emissions.

Gustavo Marqueta-Siibert, business development director at Mellor, spoke about the importance of the Ultra Low Emission Zone and how other cities should follow suit.

Speaking to GB News, he said: “It’s critical that governments continue to support the net-zero transition with more schemes, such as Ulez.

“This will ensure that both urban and rural public transportation in the UK leads this crucial journey towards sustainability.”

Speaking earlier this week at a climate conference in New York, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it was “important to take people with you” if they want to slash emissions.

He said the Ulez scheme had led to toxic air being reduced by nearly half in the centre of London and a further 20 per cent in inner London.

Over 94 per cent of vehicles seen driving in central and inner London meet the Ulez standards, up from just 37 per cent in 2017 when charges began.

Gustavo Marqueta-Siibert added: “By spearheading the transition to zero emissions vehicles, especially in highly populated urban areas, we can pave the way for more breathable cities.

“The reduction in exhaust emissions and promotion of more renewable transport will create a healthier and more prosperous environment for all.”

Transport for London’s £160million scrappage scheme allowed motorists who own non-compliant petrol and diesel vehicles to have access to a £2,000 grant.

This could be used towards the upfront cost of a compliant vehicle, with many calling on drivers to adopt electric cars.

Greater London has the best electric car charging station provisions than the rest of the UK, with 34.1 per cent of the total distribution share.

The area has 16,534 public charging points, which is more than double the total of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales combined.


People installing a Ulez camera

Some frustrated drivers have vandalised the Ulez cameras around London


Zap-Map data shows there has been a huge increase in the number of ultra-rapid charging devices across the country, with a 90 per cent jump since August 2022.

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