​Weight loss: Woman, 56, loses a staggering 13st with diet change - 'I'm never hungry'

Woman before after weight loss

She lost a staggering 13 stone

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 18/11/2023

- 08:30

A woman shed a staggering 13 stone with the help of a new diet plan

Weight loss goals can be difficult to achieve, but one woman shared her incredible results.

Annemarie Baker, 56, managed to lose 13 stone and improve her health.

Annemarie would often reach for unhealthy, convenience food as she travelled the country for work.

The weight started to pile on but after being diagnosed with a heart condition, she decided enough was enough.

Woman before weight loss

She piled on the pounds while eating unhealthy fast food


Woman after weight loss

She changed her diet to help her slim down


Before, Annemarie would fill up on a sausage and onion bap for breakfast, fried chicken wraps for lunch and curry for dinner.

The mother-of-two would snack on crisps and chocolate bars throughout the day.

To slim down, she focused on eating foods high in protein, fruits and vegetables.

She said: "When I got to my biggest, I weighed in at 20st 10lb.

"Over the years, the constant wine and dining lifestyle took a toll. I put on a lot of weight. At just 5ft 2in, I was a barrel.

"It took me around a year to lose the weight and I went from a size 24 to 26 to a size six to eight. I'm never hungry, ever. I know what I can eat.

"I'm very comfortable with what I eat now, which tends to be high-protein.

"I do have carbs, but not in excess. I work well with eating lots of vegetables, meat and fish. I would say I have a very healthy diet now."

A typical breakfast for Annemarie is now cereal with fruit and she swapped sugary snacks for protein yogurt.

As well as a healthy diet, the slimmer also opted for gastric sleeve surgery, which she had done at Weight Loss Riga in Latvia.

Woman man after weight loss

Her husband also lost weight


Gastric band surgery is a common weight loss surgery for those who are obese, and it involves a band being placed around your stomach.

It can help slimmers to feel fuller, but the decision to do this should not be taken lightly. Britons should make sure to do their research before going ahead.

Annemarie has stuck to her healthy diet and explained how her confidence has improved.

"I can wear anything I want to wear," Annemarie continued.

"It's just so nice knowing I can pick up a pair of size 6 skinny jeans and I know they'll look great. I feel so confident."

What's more, her daughter and husband also decided to follow in her footsteps with her healthy diet, and they both managed to lose six stone.

This comes as one man is unrecognisable as he sheds a staggering 9st 6lb and reversed his prediabetes with a 12 week diet plan.

One woman sheds 6st 6lb with an easy to follow diet plan.

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