M25 closure: Drivers told to 'decorate the bathroom' instead of facing motorway chaos this weekend

M25 closure: Drivers told to 'decorate the bathroom' instead of facing motorway chaos this weekend

WATCH: Surrey's Commissioner urges calm as M25 fully closes this weekend

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 15/03/2024

- 10:22

Four further M25 closures will take place between May and December this year

An expert has called on motorists to find other things to do this weekend, including decorating the bathroom, rather than being caught in traffic from the M25 closure.

The M25 will be closed between today, Friday, 15 March, and Monday, 18 March, between Junction 10 (A3 Wisley) and Junction 11 (A320 Chertsey Interchange).

The closures, which will take effect from 9pm later today, will see the demolition of the Clearmount bridleway bridge and the installation of a new gantry.

Local councillors have warned that motorists could face “gridlock” conditions, as well as “huge disruption” as they look to get around this weekend.

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The M25 will be closed for roadworks between Friday and Monday

The M25 will be closed for roadworks between Friday and Monday


In a bid to get drivers to avoid the popular stretch of road, National Highways have set up an official diversion route, in addition to a public information campaign.

Jonathan Wade, Project leader at National Highways, urged drivers to make new plans for the upcoming weekend to avoid adding to the travel chaos.

He added: “Please, if you can, either avoid travelling completely, find something to do at home – decorate the bathroom or something, or play in the garden.

“If you must go, travel by train, walk, use a bicycle. I don't mind really what you do.

“Avoid driving anywhere around those diversionary routes around Painshill, Byfleet, West Byfleet on the eastern side of Woking. It will be in your interests,” he told the Independent’s Travel Podcast.

The organisation is planning to roll out four further complete closures of the M25 between May and December.

Three of these closures will be between J10 and J11, while the other two will be between J9 at Leatherhead and J10 at Wisley.

National Highways said it would release the dates for the next closures as soon as they can to avoid drivers being impacted even further.

Wade added: “One of the difficulties we have in closing the M25 in this location is that there aren’t any immediately obvious diversion routes and closing the motorway at J10 and J11, there aren’t many great routes passing through.

“I’m afraid it's not going to be a particularly pretty picture over the coming weekend.”

An 11.5-mile diversion will be used to clear the area of traffic and ensure motorists are not stuck in standstill gridlock when the roadworks are underway.

National Highways has also warned drivers to ignore their sat nav systems as this could take them the wrong way and lead to further traffic issues.


The official diversion route for the M25 this weekend\u200b

The official diversion route for the M25 this weekend


Speaking previously, Wade suggested that motorists will try to “beat the [diversion] signs”, which will only lead to longer tailbacks and further misery for those on the road.

People driving to Gatwick and Heathrow Airports, as well as concerts, sporting events and Channel ports, have been urged to plan their journeys in advance.

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