Si King chokes back tears in touching tribute to Dave Myers in final Hairy Bikers send-off

Si King chokes back tears in touching tribute to Dave Myers in final Hairy Bikers send-off

WATCH HERE: Hairy Bikers' Si King chokes back tears in final Go West episode

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 19/03/2024

- 11:16

Updated: 20/03/2024

- 14:49

The pair's final instalment of Hairy Bikers: Go West airs tonight

Si King struggles to fight back in tears in tonight's finale of Hairy Bikers: Go West as he commends his co-star and pal, Dave Myers.

Myers died at the end of February following a two-year cancer battle with the episodes of Go West being filmed months before his death.

The BBC took the decision to continue airing the episodes in honour of Myers but Tuesday evening will be the last-ever instalment they filmed together.

And it's an emotional affair as both Myers and King reflect on his battle with cancer and the chemotherapy treatment Myers underwent while filming.

For the final leg of the tour, the pair travelled to Devon and Dorset and as the episode draws to a close, it's clear emotions are high.

In the final moments of the episode, King tells Myers: "We planned to go west mate, and we’ve made it."

Si King

Si King chokes back tears as he commends Dave Myers in the final episode of Go West


Myers then opens up: "We have, and it’s been tough at times."

Speaking to the camera, he adds: "I had chemotherapy all the time we’ve been filming. It hasn’t been easy… (but) we’ve got there, and it’s just a wonderful feeling."

King then shares his thoughts in a piece to the camera as he commends Myers for being able to film a full series while battling the illness.

"We’ve done it, and more importantly, he’s done it," a tearful King begins.

Hairy Bikers Go West

The final episode of Hairy Bikers Go West includes a title card to Dave Myers


The 57-year-old then starts to choke back tears as he pays tribute to his pal: "I’m his mate and I love him like family and a brother. It’s… I’m just lost for words.

"It’s quite remarkable, what he’s done," King adds, nodding his head with a solemn look on his face.

Before the cameras stop rolling, Myers delivers a heartbreaking final message of his own, telling viewers: "Who knows what the future holds? But for the moment, I’m living in the present and it’s pretty fine, I tell you."

Myers' voiceover also says moments before the credits roll: "The two of us, back together, doing what we do best. Go West really will be a trip to remember."

Dave Myers

Dave Myers delivers a poignant farewell in the last episode of Go West


The episode ends with Myers planting a kiss on King's cheek as he poignantly tells his pal: "I love ya."

The BBC has also attached a title card to the end of episode in honour of Myers, reading: "In loving memory of our friend Dave Myers. 1957-2024."

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