James Bond fans make feelings clear on Aaron Taylor-Johnson being 'offered' role as they slam replacement

James Bond fans make feelings clear on Aaron Taylor-Johnson being 'offered' role as they slam replacement

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 19/03/2024

- 09:05

Updated: 19/03/2024

- 10:52

Bond bosses have reportedly offered the role to the Marvel star

007 fans have taken to social media in their droves to share their thoughts on the reports that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been "offered" the role of the iconic spy.

It's been almost five years since Daniel Craig announced he was leaving the world of espionage behind him but delay after delay has meant film fans have been left patiently waiting to see who'd replace him.

Now, reports have emerged to say a "formal offer" has already been extended to Taylor-Johnson - although no official announcement has been made.

A source close to Barbara Broccoli and co is reported to have told The Sun: "Bond is Aaron’s job, should he wish to accept it. The formal offer is on the table and they are waiting to hear back.

"As far as Eon is concerned, Aaron is going to sign his contract in the coming days and they can start preparing for the big announcement."

But the reports have sparked a major debate among film fans as to whether Taylor-Johnson is the right choice - and several have made the same complaint.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig announced his departure from Bond back in 2019


Heightened by a debate on ITV on Tuesday morning, several Bond fans have complained that Taylor-Johnson doesn't quite fit the bill due to his appearance.

"I’m sure if he’s picked to play James Bond he will get his hair cut to fit in with the character. At the moment his hair is long, at the moment he’s not James Bond," one fan said on X.

A second echoed: "British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson will sign contracts this week to play the next Bond. Somehow I don't have a good feeling about it. He doesn't look like the 'right' Bond to me. Too much facial hair, maybe?"

However, others were more perturbed that Theo James - star of the new Netflix drama The Gentlemen - was snubbed for the role.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is married to film director Sam Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is married to film director Sam Taylor-Johnson


In response to ITV GMB's debate about Taylor-Johnson's look, one fan fumed: "The next James Bond should be theo james!!!"

"It should be Theo James," added another before a further fan added in response to Virgin Radio's discussion: "@VirginRadioUK I think Theo James should be the next @007."

"Sorry missed a trick theo james from the gentleman off @netflix is like an open audition for james bond, he is outstanding and is perfect for the role!! #theojames4jamesbond #gentleman," another argued.

But the response to the reports wasn't all negative, however, as several were quick to defend Taylor-Johnson and backed the 33-year-old to succeed.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has reportedly been 'offered' the Bond role


One person waded into the debate: "Obviously Aaron Taylor-Johnson will have his hair cut & will be clean shaven when he plays Bond! Why can’t people understand that? He can wear & have his hair however he wants, then when he’s on set he’ll be styled for the character he’s playing. Not rocket science to understand!"

"Aaron Taylor - Johnson as James Bond. Yep, I'm in," a second defended before a third hit back at the complaints: "Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the perfect James Bond for the direction I'd take the franchise in.

"Younger and less experienced, as the older 007 has been done to death, and set it in the 1950s. Hopefully with a director who would be happy to stick around for at least a trilogy." (sic)

At the time of writing, no official announcement has been made as to who will be the next actor to play James Bond.

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