'Well in, Nige!' Farage battles ANTS in his pants as he teams up with Grace in I'm A Celeb trial first look

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage takes part in the latest trial alongside Grace Dent

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 24/11/2023

- 10:14

Updated: 24/11/2023

- 10:43

The GB News star takes on the latest trial despite not being voted by the public

A first look at Friday night's episode of I'm A Celebrity shows Nigel Farage team up with Grace Dent as the pair try and bag the victory for the Away Team in Snake Rock.

Dent was voted for by the public to take on the trial - much to the bemusement of plenty of fans - although it was left to coach Tony Bellew to pick another member of the Snake Rock camp to accompany her.

Now, a preview from Friday's episode shows it's Farage who's been chosen to accompany the Masterchef star in the trial zone.

Together, they've been tasked with taking on Touchdown of Terror and will face off against the Home Team's Sam Thompson and Nella Rose.

Each pair will be hoping to win the trial in order to earn their respective team points.

A clip of the trial shows Dent with her head covered in a see-through helmet which, in typical I'm A Celeb style, is full of creepy crawlies.

Dent is tasked with unscrewing a number of small American Footballs that are out of sight in a container below before throwing them for Farage who'll transfer them to the end zone.

Farage won't have an easy time of things though as he can be seen wearing see-through trousers which Ant and Dec confirmed in Thursday's episode will be filled with green ants.

In the preview, their campmates cheer them on as Dent gets to work unscrewing one of the footballs while Thompson does his best to support Rose.

Rose manages to unscrew her football first but accidentally drops it, opening up an opportunity for Dent to take the lead.

She does just that and manages to free one of the balls before throwing it to Farage who catches the ball.

"Well in, Nige!" Nick Picard yells from the sidelines as the GB News star turns and runs to the end zone with the ball.

"Touchdown!" Ant and Dec shout as Farage secures the ball in the end zone for his team while the likes of Pickard, Josie Gibson, Marvin Humes and Tony Bellew celebrate.

Farage quickly spins around and heads back to his position to receive more balls from Dent, all the while with ants chomping away at his legs.

Nella Rose and Grace Dent

Nella Rose and Grace Dent take on the trial in Friday's show


However, given he was caught with his trousers down for the second time in Thursday's episode, the ant-filled pants will undoubtedly be a welcome change for his campmates.

But will Dent and Farage do enough to secure victory for the Away Team or does another loss loom for Snake Rock?

Fans will have to tune into Friday night's episode to find out.

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