I'm A Celeb's Sam Fox blasts 'fake' Nella Rose as former campmate wades into 'attention-seeking' Farage row

I'm A Celeb's Sam Fox blasts 'fake' Nella Rose as former campmate wades into 'attention-seeking' Farage row

WATCH NOW: Nella Rose and Nigel Farage clash over immigration

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 23/11/2023

- 12:27

Updated: 23/11/2023

- 12:36

The model and singer is no stranger to seeing drama unfold in the jungle

Former I'm A Celebrity campmate Samantha Fox has shared her thoughts on the much-talked-about rows between Nella Rose and her campmates in an exclusive chat with GB News.

Fox, who took part in the show back in 2009, has slammed Rose's behaviour within the camp after not just sparking a row with Nigel Farage, but also clashing with Fred Siriex after he made a comment about being old enough to be her dad.

During Wednesday's episode, Rose sparked controversy when she confronted Farage about his stance on immigration, even asking the GB News star: "Why don't black people like you?"

Rose's comments sparked outrage among ITV viewers - with some even accusing the 26-year-old of "racism" - although her reactions have been defended by the likes of Janet Street-Porter amid the fury.

However, Fox has admitted she too was unimpressed with the YouTuber's conduct.

Fox told GB News on behalf of stocklytics.com: "I think from the beginning Nella just wants to start arguments, to be honest, like she did with Fred, being totally out of order, missing the point - it was a figure of speech!

"That's when you wish you were in there because nobody stood in to stick up for Fred. It went on too long, it was stupid. It was like, 'Hang on, hang on, it's a figure of speech. Stop this now'.

"And it's the worst thing you can do at the beginning of the show is try and split up the team because you all need each other in there. And I was wondering next would be Nigel, she will attack Nigel and I'm wondering who's gonna be next."

Nella Rose also locked horns with Fred Siriex

Nella Rose also locked horns with Fred Siriex


Fox then mused: "Does she want to get out by being hated? Or does she want loads of airtime? There are two ways... she can either stay in because people don't like her because she's a troublemaker, you can see that, or is she going to stay in because people don't like (her)?

"Judging by Twitter at the moment people want her to go and then other people want her to suffer with the trials but she's not suffering with the trials. Like the first one, she was screaming and screaming about the snakes but when her head was in there, she was fine.

"When she ate the pizza (she screamed) and I could tell Nigel - Nigel is definitely playing the game in there, he knows what he's doing, he definitely wants the airtime because I know he got the hump with her on the eating trial because she took so long to eat this pizza and by the time she even ate it she ate it easily, but it was all holding it, looking at it, making a big scene out of this pizza for ages.

"You could see Nigel by his face thinking, 'Oh, look, she's getting all the airtime, what about me?' And when we heard Nigel say, 'I thought I would have got that next challenge'. And when asked why he said, 'Well, you get 25 percent of the airtime.' So he definitely knows what he's doing."

Sam Fox on I'm A Celeb

Sam Fox on I'm A Celeb back in 2009


Praising Farage for his response to Rose's comments in Wednesday's episode, Fox went on: "He was very calm last night a bit like our Fred was, he didn't explode. I got a bit frustrated with Fred just to say, 'It's a figure of speech', but he was so lovely about it.

"I think if it was a woman, they would have gone, 'Shut up, silly cow'. But Nigel last night - I was waiting for that with Nella and Nigel because I think she's on the path to get a lot of airtime and to be controversial."

When asked if Rose's controversial behaviour could work in her favour and result in the public voting for her, Fox admitted it was a possibility.

"When you are a controversial - look at Janice Dickinson for example," Fox said. "They voted and voted for her in the trials... because she was funny, and she was scared, but she was funny with it. And that's why people voted for it.

"I don't think Nella's frightened of anything, to be honest. I mean, when she got the pizza in the mouth, she was fine, she wasn't heaving much or (saying), 'I can't do it'.

Sam Fox

Sam Fox weighs in I'm A Celeb Nella Rose row


"I think the snake thing... she was screaming and screaming, but once she got her head in there with the snake she was fine. So she knows what she's doing too, she's taking up a lot of airtime and making it just very noisy and attention-seeking.

"I think Nigel handled it very well last night. He kept his cool like all politicians should, you know. And she was trying to say that he was racist, but he's not racist. You can't accuse him of being racist. He's not that.

"The other night I was thinking she's got to get out, she's gonna start too much trouble in there. She's been a fake, the way she just starts these arguments and makes them bigger than what they are, and picking on the wrong people.

"It's like Fred is such a gentleman and most people would have said, 'Oh, shut up, love. It's a figure of speech, end of story'. That would have been over. But then she says, 'I'm never gonna - I don't want your food and go over there'. The way she spoke to him was just horrible. Then she didn't eat food for two days, the hunger strike lasted two days."

Heading into Thursday night's show, Rose, Farage and the rest of their campmates will all take part in the next Bushtucker Trial after welcoming two new campmates.

Ant and Dec revealed last night that Tony Bellew and Frankie Dettori would be entering the jungle to shake things up.

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