Nella Rose sparks I’m A Celeb racism row as she asks Farage ‘why don’t black people like you?’

Nella Rose sparks I’m A Celeb racism row as she asks Farage ‘why don’t black people like you?’

WATCH NOW: Nella Rose and Nigel Farage debate immigration in the jungle

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 23/11/2023

- 09:32

Updated: 23/11/2023

- 09:33

The I'm A Celeb stars had a heated debate about immigration during Wednesday's show

Nella Rose has been branded "ignorant", "rude" and "offensive" by a number of I'm A Celebrity viewers who've accused her of making "racist" comments towards Nigel Farage.

The GB News presenter and YouTuber got into a heated discussion during Wednesday's episode of the ITV show when the latter asked Farage about his views on immigration.

Rose has already sparked controversy a day earlier with her reaction to Fred Siriex after he made a comment about being old enough to be her father.

Siriex had also found himself at the centre of a separate row with Farage when the two discussed his campaigning for Brexit.

This time, Rose grabbed Farage for a chat and opened the conversation by saying to her campmate: "Apparently you're anti-immigrants?"

Farage was dumbfounded to discover Rose's claims arose as a result of things she'd read on the internet before she went on to ask him: "Why don't black people like you?"

The GB News star tried to explain why he feels the UK has an "over-population problem" but Rose wasn't convinced and repeated time again that she was "one of those numbers".

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage and Nella Rose debated the topic in the jungle


Farage attempted to insist she wasn't "listening" to what he was trying to say during the debate but in the end, the pair "agreed to disagree" on the matter.

The two settled their differences with a handshake and resumed life in camp alongside their fellow famous campmates.

However, ITV viewers watching at home weren't quite as understanding as Farage appeared to be following Rose's remarks, particularly with her claims that "black people don't like" him.

Among the furore on X, formerly Twitter, were a number of viewers who slammed Rose's comments, including commentator Kelvin Mackenzie who penned: "By weaponising colour Nella Rose crossed the line when she said to Nigel Farage, 'Black people don’t like you'.

"Supposing Farage had replied, 'And white people don’t like you' there would be all hell to pay. I imagine ITV are so pleased at this row but it will have done nothing but damage race relations. In the UK. A calm and intelligent Farage has increased his standing. Ms Rose might learn much from him."

The view was echoed by a number of others on the social media site, including one viewer who wrote: "Nella Rose is an ignorant, loud mouthed, racist bigot. First she attacked Fred Sirieix for nothing and now she abuses Nigel Farage. Anyone would think she had a problem with middle aged white men. She should go."

Another echoed: "@imacelebrity why haven’t you removed that racist bigot Nella from the show? If some of those comments were made the other way round you’d have them off the show and hung, drawn and quartered #ImACeleb."

Meanwhile, a third weighed in: "#ImACeleb the ignorance of Nella Rose is unbelievable. Farage was making a valid point about UK over population because of it’s immigration policy and she just a stops short of calling him a racist."

And a fourth added to the online discussion: "Nella rose saying to Nigel Farage, 'Black people don't like you'. That is so rude and offensive sorry #Imaceleb #ImACelebrity."

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Despite the furore from a number of I'm A Celebrity viewers, there were several who defended Rose in light of the outrage.

One I'm A Celeb fan argued: "U can’t handle the fact that someone’s debating this on live tv and Nella is making every point valid… Did she stutter ?? Ur doing amazing sweetie x."

While a second found the racism claims amusing as they typed on the social media site: "People saying Nella is racist [laughing emojis] please #ImACeleb." (sic)

ITV declined to comment when contacted by GB News.

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