Jim Davidson blasts 'nutcase' Just Stop Oil protestors after violent clashes with public

Jim Davidson on GB News

Jim Davidson has shared his thoughts on Just Stop Oil's clashes with the public

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 20/07/2023

- 08:08

Updated: 20/07/2023

- 08:30

A Just Stop Oil protestor was punched and kicked to the ground by a furious member of the public on Wednesday

A video emerged online on Wednesday of Just Stop Oil's latest protest on the streets of west London which showed an angry member of the public react violently to the group's disruption.

The outburst comes after months of frustration and disruption caused by the group and is something GB News host Dan Wootton and comedian Jim Davidson saw coming.

Speaking on Wednesday's Dan Wootton Tonight, the GB News host brought up the video as he said to Jim: "Speaking of crazy, those eco-terrorists Just Stop Oil have been pushing the patience of the public for months as you know.

"And today, one of those affected finally snapped during the latest slow walk protests in London."

A clip of the incident then played on-screen before Dan weighed back in: "Jim, you understand how this is gonna keep happening right?"

Dan Wootton and Jim Davidson

Dan Wootton and Jim Davidson discuss Just Stop Oil's latest clash with members of the public


Jim agreed: "Well it is. There's a great Chinese restaurant down at Ocean Village where I keep the boat...

"I went in there one night and the little man came and went, 'Quick, come in, we've got a big problem.'

"And there were a load of people protesting, you know those little protestors that all look alike, don't they?

"So I said, 'Look, you're going to get yourself in terrible trouble.' (They said), 'No, we're peaceful protestors.'

"(I said), 'Well, you might be peaceful, but you're gonna go protests outside Millwall's ground one day and then you're all gonna be cured of suffering from NBPE.'

"He said, 'What's NBPE?' Not being punched enough," Jim said as Dan let out a chuckle.

Jim concluded: "No one likes to see violence, but tempers are flaring! We're living living in a bonkers world where these nutcases get to cause chaos!"

Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson branded Just Stop Oil protestors as 'nutcases'


Dan added: "Why don't they go to China? That's what I keep saying. That's where your issue is.

"If you have the balls, if you really want to take on the people who are doing the damage at the moment, go to China. But of course, they wouldn't do that."

After the incident, Just Stop Oil shared a video of their own of the protestor in question providing an update on his wellbeing.

He told the group's Twitter followers: "Physically, I'm feeling a bit better, I've got my frozen peas and yeah, we're a little bit removed from the incident now.

"If anything I feel a bit sad. I feel sad because I can say, personally, I don't - I haven't said anything to the police, I don't plan to.

"But I'm afraid that the police might go ahead and you know, go after this man.

"I feel no ill sentiment or ill will against him. It's a difficult situation for anyone to be in and it's bound to create frustration."

The Met Police has said it "would not tolerate violent behaviour" and is investigating the matter.

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