Baby Reindeer's Richard Gadd makes stance clear on exposing identities from show amid 'real' Martha bombshells

Baby Reindeer's Richard Gadd makes stance clear on exposing identities from show amid 'real' Martha bombshells

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 14/05/2024

- 10:04

Updated: 14/05/2024

- 10:05

The Netflix drama sparked floods of theories and speculation online

Richard Gadd has claimed he'll "never comment" on the real identities of the people who inspired the story of Baby Reindeer following a series of supposed revelations and theories from viewers.

The seven-part drama is based on true events from Gadd's life and explores his history as a sexual assault victim as well as being the target of a stalker ordeal.

The stalker in question is called Martha in Baby Reindeer, played by Jessica Gunning, while the sexual assault perpetrator is named Darrien, portrayed by Tom Goodman-Hill.

Gadd has been vocal in his opposition to Netflix viewers taking it upon themselves since the show aired to try and work out the true identities of the people who inspired these characters.

His co-star Gunning similarly called for fans to stop their armchair detective work, telling Glamour it was a "real, real shame" and imploring: "I would urge people not to be doing that."

But despite their pleas, a woman claiming to be the "real" Martha has since conducted a number of highly-publicised interviews, including one with Piers Morgan.

Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning

Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning led the cast of Baby Reindeer


The woman has claimed she plans to sue Gadd, Netflix and the Daily Mail for the portrayal in the drama and the subsequent fallout.

She also claimed she never stalked Gadd, only sent "a couple" of emails, didn't attack Gadd's girlfriend, never received a criminal conviction and that it was Gadd who "tried to sleep" with her.

The woman had already spoken to Scottish publication the Daily Record to claim she was the "real victim" of the Baby Reindeer saga.

Speaking to Hollywood Reporter amid the fallout, in an interview conducted prior to the Morgan interview, Gadd made his feelings clear on the identities of those behind the story being made public, telling the publication: "I don’t agree with the sleuth thing.

Martha on Baby Reindeer

Baby Reindeer fans took to the web to try and find out who the real Martha was


"I’ve put out a statement publicly saying I want the show to be received as a piece of art, and I want the show to people to enjoy as a piece of art.

"I’m called Donny Dunn. It exists in a sort of fictional realm, even though it’s based on truth, it exists in a fictional realm, let’s enjoy the world that I’ve created.

"If I wanted the real-life people to be found, I would’ve made it a documentary. I’ve spoken publicly about how I don’t want people to do it and if I start playing a game of whack-a-mole, then I’m almost adding to it.

"I don’t think I’ll ever comment on it ever again."

Baby Reindeer

Baby Reindeer's Richard Gadd has make his stance on the real identities of the characters known


Gadd ignored the claims made by the woman over the weekend as he attended the TV Baftas alongside his Baby Reindeer co-star Gunning.

Morgan has also since spoken out on the interview, stating he feels the woman "lied" to him on several occasions.

Despite the circus surrounding Baby Reindeer, Gadd admitted he's moving on to pastures new, telling THR: "I think what I’ll do is finish Lions (a BBC show) and then take stock of where I’m at and try to figure out what to do next. Ultimately, I’d love to try and do a film at some point. That would be amazing.

"I am not saying I have any real concrete ideas for one but I’d like to try and do some acting, not just me writing it."

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