BBC Line of Duty's Vicky McClure drops fresh update on possible show return amid season 7 rumours

BBC Line of Duty's Vicky McClure drops fresh update on possible show return amid season 7 rumours

WATCH HERE: Vicky McClure stars in ITV drama Trigger Point

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 14/05/2024

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The 41-year-old starred as Kate Fleming in the popular police drama

Vicky McClure has spoken out on the possibility of reprising the role of Kate Fleming in a new series of the BBC's Line of Duty, three years on from the season six finale.

The drama, in which McClure starred opposite Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compston, came to a rather divisive end when AC-12 appeared to finally get to the bottom of who criminal mastermind H really was.

However, its leading stars have moved on pastures new, with McClure recently returning to screens in ITV's drama Trigger Point and set to star in Paramount+ drama Insomnia.

Ahead of her latest stint in Insomnia, McClure said of the role: "Myself and BYO Films are really excited to be working alongside Left Bank on Insomnia. It’s a very different role for me, Sarah Pinborough has written such an exciting script.

"We have a fantastic cast, crew and production team all set for a very fulfilling few months ahead!"

But as hype for the series ramps up, questions about her Line of Duty future remain - something she joked was already in the works.

Vicky McClure

Vicky McClure has addressed the future of Line of Duty


"I’ve got the script in my bag, I’ll just pull it out and leave it here," McClure remarked when questioned by Radio Times.

"I’m joking!" she went on to clarify. "Sorry, nothing to tell you."

However, despite the disappointing update, McClure added that she and her cast mates still remain on great terms.

She told the publication: "I saw Martin [Compston] about three weeks ago in Glasgow, I haven’t seen Adey [Dunbar] for a couple of weeks but I’ve spoken to him. We’re proper pals, it’s a beautiful thing."

McClure isn't the only Line of Duty star to find themselves having to address rumours of a return since its finale.

Compston opened up on his podcast Restless Natives late last year, according to Digital Spy: "We have got a WhatsApp group that was 'Line of Duty 6' and a while ago Jed changed the name of it to ‘Line of Duty 7’.

"What I love about it is we have never spoken about it since. We have had such a good run with it and a bit of you does go, 'Let's walk away on a high' but we all want to work together again because we are so close.

"We wouldn't do it just for the sake of it. It would have to add to the series, it would have to make the series better."

Vicky McClure

Vicky McClure starred in all 6 seasons of Line of Duty


Line of Duty boss Jed Mercurio has stayed tight-lipped about the future of Line of Duty over the past few years and has since moved on to pastures new, including the aforementioned Trigger Point.

For McClure's latest project, she'll work closely alongside novel writer Sarah Pinborough who's adpating the story for the screen.

The official synopsis for the series reads: "A couple of weeks before her 40th birthday, Emma (McClure) stops sleeping — just as her mother had done right before she suffered a violent psychotic breakdown on the night of her own 40th birthday.

"Emma’s mother always told her she’d go the same way, that she had the same 'bad blood', and now Emma’s terrified it’s true.

"As events worsen, Emma’s world starts to unravel, and she realises that only by investigating the truth of her painful past can she find the answers to her present and prevent tragedy from striking a second time."

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