Baby Reindeer's 'real Martha' threatening to sue Netflix and insists she's a 'highly competent lawyer'

Baby Reindeer's 'real Martha' threatening to sue Netflix and insists she's a 'highly competent lawyer'

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 30/04/2024

- 13:46

The Netflix hit series has caused an uproar as many internet sleuths claimed they found the "real" Martha Scott

Baby Reindeer's "real Martha Scott" - Fiona Harvey - has hit back at Netflix and writer Richard Gadd, threatening to sue the streaming platform due to the portrayal of her in the latest series.

Harvey - who is believed to the be inspiration behind Jessica Gunning's character Martha - has noted that she is a "highly competent lawyer" and will take action after receiving death threats.

The Netflix show has gone down well with critics and the millions of viewers at home who tuned into the gripping series, however, there has been some concern when it comes to the mental health of the women who have been depicted as a villain to those around the globe.

Gadd's tale is based on the real-life experiences he went through with his own stalker and sexual abuse, taking on the role of Donny Dunn, an aspiring comedian who just lent a hand to someone who he thought needed help.

Donny and Martha met in the pub where he worked, but after he offered her a drink on the house, she soon infiltrated his whole life and made it a living hell, claiming they were in a relationship together and turning up wherever he was.

Alongside the storyline of the stalking and Donny realising that Martha was in fact unwell, Gadd also told the tale of how he was sexually abused by someone in the entertainment industry - soon becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol for the price of fame.

Baby Reindeer

The 'real Martha Scott' has hit out at Netflix for the portrayal of her


Since the Netflix success, Harvey has hit out at the series and noted that she has received death threats due to people finding her identity after watching the series.

Harvey recently claimed that she was going to sue Netflix for the harm they had caused, whilst also hitting out at Gadd's depiction of her, noting "he's not Brad Pitt."

The woman has recently revealed she didn't watch the show as it is "a gross intrusion into my privacy. I don't want people to know where I live, but I will not be silenced."

She also told The Scottish Sun: "I have a claim against Netflix as this is being billed as part of a true story. I'm a highly competent lawyer. I'd have to do it myself. I'm very good. I have a photographic memory and can memorise huge files. I was top in my school at everything.

Baby Reindeer

Fiona Harvey has claimed she is going to sue Netflix


"I am very attractive. He's not Brad Pitt. There's a fat actress that's supposed to be me. He's come up with this character called Martha, and he has put me right in the frame.

"This is a programme for the 20-somethings. The people with no lives, no jobs, whatever. I don't want to be a celebrity."

The 58-year-old who graduated from Aberdeen University informed the Daily Record that she has chosen against watching the programme, but has caught the highlights online.

She denied harassing the writer and noted: "I was in Richard Gadd's company on occasions, but I didn't stalk him like he claims. His story is a gross intrusion into my privacy. I haven't seen him for 12 years."

GB News has contacted Netflix for a comment.

Baby Reindeer

Baby Reindeer's 'real Martha Scott' hits out at Netflix


Since the release of the Netflix hit Baby Reindeer, another victim of "Martha Scott" has come forward to talk about her ordeal with the stalker and admitted that Gadd got her "spot on".

Lawyer Laura Wray has detailed her own experiences and told The Daily Mail: "It brought so many things back to me that I'd forgotten. She did the same to me and made my life a nightmare. He has got her spot-on. His reaction was exactly the same as mine. I felt sorry for her.

"She told me a real hard-luck story about how she had no family support and how she got her law degree and was looking for a traineeship, but nobody would give her one. I had my reservations.

"She was terribly upfront, telling me all this very personal stuff. Before we even met, she sent me a postcard congratulating me on my engagement to Jimmy. But basically, I felt sorry for her."

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