Amanda Abbington's fiancé hits back at claims she 'ruined' BBC Strictly's Giovanni's career with allegations

Amanda Abbington's fiancé hits back at claims she 'ruined' BBC Strictly's Giovanni's career with allegations

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 24/05/2024

- 10:26

The BBC Strictly dancer has reportedly quit the show amid the claims

Jonathan Goodwin, the fiance of Sherlock actress Amanda Abbington, has hit back at criticism of his other half amid the ongoing saga with Giovanni Pernice.

Abbington was paired with Pernice on last year's Strictly Come Dancing but quit the show early and went on to claim she'd been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of her experience alongside the dancer.

Reports of their feud have dominated headlines for months but heightened further this month when several of his former co-stars pursued legal action.

The BBC has since launched an investigation into Pernice's conduct over the nine years he'd been a pro on the show and the 33-year-old dancer has also instructed a legal team of his own to "clear his name".

Following the latest developments, several Strictly stars have distanced themselves from Pernice while his family have spoken out in support of the Italian dancer.

And some fans have also decided to stand by Pernice, targeting Abbington on her fiancé's latest Instagram post to vent their opinions.

Amanda Abbington had danced with Giovanni Pernice

Amanda Abbington had danced with Giovanni Pernice in Strictly 2023


Earlier this week, Goodwin posted a photo of himself alongside the caption: "We don’t control what happens to us… but we do control how we feel about it… Every single moment that we live adds depth and weight to our identity.

"The good… and the bad… it is literally impossible to become an adult and not experience at least a few terrible circumstances… the real test of character is how we react to them."

According to the Daily Mail, one follower decided to reply: "Can you tell Amanda that thinking someone is 'abrasive' doesn't mean you set out to ruin their career?

"I know you found it uncomfortable watching them both together, perhaps even jealousy, but that's not his problem, that's yours."

Goodwin decided to try and take the high road as he hit back: "Hi lovely thanks for this. I wish you well."

Elsewhere, another Instagram user remarked that Pernice's training methods had been well-documented and that if Abbington "couldn’t handle it, she shouldn’t have gone on there".

According to, Goodwin replied to this user by snapping: "Bless you for speaking out on a subject you know nothing about.

"Just watch what happens and then maybe form an opinion."

Goodwin has since limited who can post comments on his post following the criticism of his fiancée.

Abbington has remained off social media since the "bullying" and "misconduct" allegations hit headlines but Pernice did make a brief return to release a statement about the ordeal.

Amanda Abbington's fiance

Amanda Abbington's fiance has hit back at Giovanni Pernice fans


He began: "To my dear fans, you will be as surprised as I am that allegations have been made about my dance teaching methods in the media this week. Of course, I reject any suggestion of abusive or threatening behaviour, and I look forward to clearing my name.

"Those who have followed my journey on Strictly Come Dancing over the last decade will know that I am passionate and competitive. No one is more ambitious for my dance partners than me.

"I have always striven to help them be the very best dancer they can be. This has always come from a place of love and wanting to win - for me and my dance partners. Thank you all once again for your continued love and support!"

GB News has contacted Jonathan Goodwin's representatives for comment.

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