Celine Dion leaves fans 'in tears' as she opens up on 'struggle' of stiff-person syndrome health battle in new doc

Celine Dion leaves fans 'in tears' as she opens up on 'struggle' of stiff-person syndrome health battle in new doc

WATCH HERE: Celine Dion issues emotional update to fans after stiff-person syndrome diagnosis

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 24/05/2024

- 07:43

A trailer for the upcoming documentary about the iconic singer has been released by Amazon

Celine Dion has admitted she's "ready now" to discuss the devastating impact her stiff-person syndrome diagnosis has had on her life in the trailer for a new documentary.

I Am: Celine will delve into Dion's health battle in the two years since her diagnosis and how it led to the heartbreaking decision to put music on the back burner.

The trailer opened with throwback clips of the Canadian singer on stage while her narration reflected on the importance music has on her.

"My voice is the conductor of my life. When your voice brings you joy, you're the best of yourself. I need my instrument," she began.

Soon after, the trailer provided the context of the singer's health woe, which led to many candid confessions from Dion.

"I've been diagnosed with a very rare neurological disorder and I wasn't ready to say anything before... but I'm ready now," she tells viewers.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion will bravely open up about her diagnosis in the new documentary from Amazon


"I see my life and I love every piece of it," she continues before reminiscing: "When you record it sounds great but when you go on stage it will be greater. We did create our own magic."

Later in the promo clip, Dion is able to shed light on her determination to overcome the obstacles her diagnosis has thrown at her.

She tearfully admits: "It's not hard to do a show you know, it's hard to cancel a show. I've been working hard every day but I have to admit it's been a struggle.

"I miss them so much, the people... I miss them. If I can't run, I'll walk. If I can't walk, I'll crawl. And I won't stop. I won't stop."

Inevitably, seeing Dion's return to the limelight and hearing her determination and candor led to several fans reaching for the tissues before even seeing the full documentary.

"Oh I’m already crying," one fan said on X, formerly Twitter, in response to Amazon Prime Video sharing the trailer.

Elsewhere, a second weighed in: "A whole new generation is about to fall in love with Celine Dion meanwhile the rest of us are about to f****n WEEP."

Another echoed: "She's an icon and so authentic, with a voice like an angel. Can't wait to watch it," followed by a love heart and crying emoji.

"I love her so much, she doesn't deserve that pain and struggle. She's such an amazing and expressive artist," added a fifth.

Before a sixth added to the reaction: "In tears … she’s been a part of my whole life… I can’t wait to see this." (sic)

Celine Dion

Celine Dion broke down in tears several times in the I Am: Celine documentary trailer


Dion went public with her diagnosis back in December 2022 where she revealed that she had been diagnosed with the degenerative disease.

Stiff person syndrome (SPS), also known as stiff-man syndrome, is a rare neurological disorder that results in progressive muscle stiffness, spasms and increased immobility.

I Am: Celine will be released on Amazon Prime Video on June 25.

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