US weather warning: America to plunge into two week arctic freeze

USA cold weather

Temperatures will drop across the US

The Weather Channel
Nathan Rao

By Nathan Rao

Published: 05/10/2023

- 17:44

Bitterly cold Canadian gusts will hit from the north

Arctic air is about to sweep the United States plunging the nation into a two-week cold spell as forecasters warn to brace for a ‘big temperature drop’.

Bitterly cold gusts flooding from the north across Canada and western States will finally shift the heat dome baking the south.

The arrival of autumn, though, will trigger a band of thunderstorms between the northwest and the southeast as the cold smashes into a warmer air mass.

Temperatures will plummet towards freezing bringing a risk of snow to the hills and mountains of the north.

Jim Dale, US weather correspondent and senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, said: “This is the first pool of cold air of the season to travel down from the north and right across the north of the country.

“There will be a bit of sleety stuff in this as well as a mix of rain with a windy edge.

“The cold front comes down the west to bring a cold plunge quite early in the season.

Cold USA

Cold freeze likely ahead of the weekend

The Weather Channel

“In the medium- to long- term, there will be a definite north-south, east-west split with the colder conditions and some chilly mornings holding out for the next couple of weeks.”

Where airmasses collide, deeply unstable atmospheric conditions will trigger ‘venomous’ storms, he warned.

Windy conditions and the threat of rain could further threaten play during the National Football League (NFL) season, he added.

He said: “There could be some venomous thunderstorms when the very cold air comes into contact with the warm air further to the south, and here there will be a battle between the two air masses.

“The cold front comes through later in the week and into the weekend, and this could be interesting for the NFL.

“We are looking at a definite seasonal shift.”

Chicago could fall to 50F this weekend and New York, currently basking at 80F, will fall below 60F.

Domenica Davis, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel, said: “A temperature drop is coming, and that's going to push the warm humid air that's been sitting over the eastern half of the country out to replace it with cool, dry air.

“We're talking some chilly temperatures that are going to be coming our way.

“Chicago you fall into the fifties on Sunday, Michigan 46F, and New York you're down to 58 degrees so enjoy those eighties now and take a look at forecast lows and chilly mornings coming your way.”

Temperatures surrounding the Great Lakes could nosedive 35F by the weekend triggering heavy rain and wet snow.

Parts of the region left under feet of floodwater face further misery as the next deluge descends.

However, wet weather will be welcomed in southern states including Texas where drought is crippling 80 per cent of the state.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Philippe is expected to trigger flash floods across Bermuda and the Leeward Islands.

New England is a likely target for the post-tropical cyclone which also threatens strong winds.

A spokesman for the National Hurricane Centre (NOAA) said: “Philippe is likely to move over portions of Atlantic Canada and eastern New England, likely as a post-tropical cyclone, this weekend.

“Regardless of Philippe’s intensity or structure, interests in those areas should monitor the storm’s progress and be prepared for the possibility of strong winds and heavy rainfall.”

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