UK weather forecast: 'Atlantic cyclone' to sweep in within DAYS as Britain poised for floods

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There has been heavy rain from various storms in recent weeks, and any more water will add to the risk of flooding

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 16/11/2023

- 15:02

It is due to arrive in Britain ahead of the weekend

A "cyclone" from the Atlantic is making its way towards the UK, bringing with it heavy rain that could lead to flooding.

The slow-moving cyclone will also bring with it strong winds, according to Netweather.

It is due to arrive in the UK on Friday and last throughout the weekend.

Jo Farrow from Netweather said the beginning of the weekend will start with "fine weather before the cloud thickens up and things turn damp through Friday evening".

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She continued: "Friday evening looks cold with a few clear spells further northeast but becoming wet and blustery for Cornwall and Northern Ireland after dark."

Farrow predicts that the soggy spell is likely to continue into Saturday and into Sunday, moving inland further from the west.

The cyclone will carry with it heavy rain, an unfortunate familiar sight for Brits this month.

There has been heavy rain from Storm Ciaran, Debi and Elin in recent weeks, and any more water will add to the risk of flooding.


\u200bA low pressure system is beginning to sweep across the UK

A low pressure system is beginning to sweep across the UK

Netwx model viewer

Many parts of the UK have seen huge rainfall as a result of the consecutive storms.

Yesterday, a yellow rain warning was issued and the Met Office warned that 30-40mm of rain could fall across the south coast.

The warning, which was issued for today, was in place from midnight to 6pm and spanned the entirety of the English south coast.

The alerts have now been removed, however the threat of rain remains.

People walking in torrential rain

The slow-moving cyclone will bring with it strong winds and heavy rainfall

A flood sign

More flooding is expected across the UK


Flood warnings have been in place across the country as Britain finds itself in the midst of yet another storm.

In England, 10 warnings are in place, which means that flooding is expected.

An additional 100 alerts – meaning that flooding is possible – have also been issued.

Meanwhile in Wales, three flood alerts are currently active.

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