UK hot weather: Map turns RED as heatwave to hit Britain in just 48 HOURS

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The warm weather should begin tomorrow

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 01/09/2023

- 12:20

Updated: 01/09/2023

- 13:05

An iberian plume is coming for the UK

The UK is set to bask in highs of 26C as a ‘high pressure block’ is due to hit next week.

Weather maps show London, East Anglia and the Midlands all turning red, with a high of 26C on Wednesday.

An Iberian plume will send the mercury in the UK rising and bring about a mini heatwave, expected to last as long as ten days.

Saturday will begin cloudy but then will soon be brightened up with sunshine, with dry conditions continuing until Tuesday.

WX weather chart

The warm weather is a result of tropical cyclone Franklin

WX Charts

From Tuesday onwards, the sun will continue to shine, with temperatures hitting highs of 26C in London.

The heatwave will make parts of the UK as hot as Barcelona, with both expected to hit 26C on Wednesday, according to the Met Office.

The warm weather is a result of tropical cyclone Franklin, which is currently reaching the end of its cycle in the Atlantic.

Met Office spokesperson Stephen Dixon explained the role of the cyclone in warming up the UK.

"Franklin itself hit parts of America earlier this week but hasn't been on land for a bit. It's sat up in the Atlantic, a deep area of low pressure and what these systems do is help to move air masses to the UK.

"This low pressure system is helping draw warmer air over the UK, the warmer continental air which will bring temperatures up to the mid-20s in parts of England and Wales. Initially, it'll help develop the warmer conditions."

A bloc of high pressure would then sit across the UK, keeping temperatures high.

An official statement from the Met Office website said: "High pressure will keep it dry and settled, with plenty of warm sunshine on offer."

Dixon added: "Even as we move into meteorological autumn, the sun's still got some strength so will still help the temperatures build day by day into the middle of next week."

Man sunbathing in London

The heatwave will make parts of the UK as hot as Barcelona, with both expected to hit 26C


The news should come as a welcome surprise for Brits, who have had to endure a rainy and wet summer.

Summer in the UK ends on September 23, so the forecast will mean the season should end with sunny skies.

The UK was not hit by a raging heatwave this summer, in comparison to 2022 when Brits saw highs of 40C.

Brits have instead been met with overcast skies and heavy rainfall for the majority of summer, most recently over the bank holiday weekend.

In contrast, Southern Europe, in particular Italy, Greece and Spain saw a deadly heatwave hit the continent, with scorching highs of 50C.

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