Cruise ship ban: Tourist blow as US stop will dramatically limit visitors within months

Cruise ship Bar Harbor Maine

Bar Harbor residents made the decision

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 09/10/2023

- 10:15

Updated: 09/10/2023

- 11:04

Tourists will face restrictions in more popular destinations from next year

Britons might have to rethink their holidays as more cruise stops put a ban on the ships.

Bar Harbor in the US is to severely limit who can visit within months.

The port, in the US state of Maine, put restrictions on how many people can visit every day.

From 2024, 1,000 passengers and crew will be allowed to disembark each day.

Cruise guests on ship

Cruise guests will need to check restrictions before travelling


This will see a dramatic drop in the current traffic as around 3,000 people stop at the port every day.

Cruise ships are likely to opt for alternative routes during US cruises.

The decision for the limit was passed after petitions from local residents.

This found more than half thought the tourism from cruises to be more negative than positive.

This is not the only way Britons on long-haul cruises will be hit by restrictions.

Holidaymakers stopping in the Bahamas will face higher tourist taxes from next year.

Port charges will increase from $18 (around £14.80) to $23 (£18.90).

There will be further charges for stopping at private islands without visiting elsewhere in the Bahamas.

Bar Harbor Maine

It will dramatically reduce who can visit


Some cruise lines will cover this cost while others might pass the fee onto guests.

Those travelling to that area from next year should check whether they will be charged before setting off.

Cruises are an expensive holiday so Britons should make some important checks before deciding where the go.

An expert warned Britons to "think carefully" before booking luxury cruises.

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