Sky TV reduced to 'lowest price' in Black Friday sale — but this blockbuster £125 discount ends in days

sky glass tvs in all five colour options against a multi-coloured background

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Aaron Brown

By Aaron Brown

Published: 28/11/2023

- 07:41

Updated: 28/11/2023

- 07:41

Sky Glass and Sky Stream plummet in price, but older Sky Q misses out on discounts

Sky has unleashed its lowest-everprices on Sky Stream and Sky Glass as part of its annual Black Friday sale, with new customers able to unlock savings of £125. But the clock is ticking on these discounts — literally — as Sky has a timer ticking away on its website ahead of the deadline at 11.59pm on November 30.

So, what's actually included with the latest batch of Sky TV deals?

For a limited time, you can take delivery of a Sky Stream box with 100 live Sky TV channels, 500 on-demand boxsets, and a Netflix subscription for just £19 per month. That's a £7 discount every month compared to the standard subscription fee charged by Sky.

Sky Stream is the latest set-top box from the brand and ditches the requirement to have a satellite dish affixed to the outside of your home. Yes, as the name suggests, everything is streamed over your home Wi-Fi network or an ethernet connection to the box.

Stream arrives with 1080p High Definition (HD) picture quality as standard ...something Sky charges an extra £9 per month to add to its older, satellite dish-powered Sky Q box. Ouch.

Sky offers a Netflix Basic subscription as standard with all of its Sky Stream bundles too, so you'll be able to binge exclusive shows like Squid Game, The Crown, and Stranger Things on your box alongside Sky TV shows you won't find anywhere else, including Euphoria, Succession, Chernobyl, and Game Of Thrones spin-off series House of the Dragon.

If you already have a Netflix subscription, it's possible to keep the same account with all of your viewing history intact and transfer it to the Sky TV package.

Best of all, Sky TV will honour the discounted monthly price for the duration of your contract. Yes, you won't need to worry about the price reverting to its pre-Black Friday fee next month.

a sky stream box sits with a remote control infront of a television

Sky Stream is the newest addition to the lineup and offers satellite dish-free viewing in HD


Sky Stream is available from £19 per month if you sign up for an 18-month minimum contract. That's the lowest price Sky has ever sold its new Stream box. However, if you want more flexibility, it's possible to pay £22 per month — compared with £29 per month outside of the Black Friday sale — to get the streaming box on a cancel-anytime, 30-day rolling contract.

you sign up for the discounted Sky Stream package with an 18-month contract,you'll lock-in the £19 per month cost for the duration of your contract. You won't need to worry about the price reverting to its pre-Black Friday fee next month.

At any time, you can add and remove new TV packages to your contract, including Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, TNT Sports (née BT Sports) and more.

Sky has confirmed that its Black Friday sale will end at 11.59pm on November 30, 2023. If you want to lock in any of these discounts, you'll need to place an order before that deadline.

Sky Stream isn't the only box on sale for Black Friday, with the telly firm promising its "lowest price" on Sky Glass sets too.

For those who don't know, Sky Glass is an all-in-one 4K TV that packs everything you need to watch 100 Sky TV channels, pause and rewind live telly, binge exclusive boxsets, and more.

It also comes equipped with a Dolby Atmos-certified soundbar and hands-free voice controls, so even if you've lost the remote down the back of the sofa, you can bark out orders to change channels, pause the action on-screen, and search for new shows or movies based on your favourite actors.

Co-designed by East London-based industrial design brand Map Project Office, who have also worked with Sonos, Google, and TfL on the interiors of the Elizabeth Line tubes, Sky Glass is designed to be a statement piece in your home. Unlike most TVs, it's available in a range of colours, including Ceramic White, Dusky Pink, Racing Green, Ocean Blue, and Anthracite Black.

Sky Glass can be bought outright, like any other brand of Smart TV, or you can spread the cost interest-free and pay in monthly instalments with your TV package. Glass is available in 43-, 55-, and 65-inch screen sizes, which have an RRP of £699, £949, and £1,199 respectively.

For Black Friday, new customers can take delivery of a 43-inch Sky Glass with 100 Sky TV channels, on-demand boxsets, and Netflix for £33 per month. That's the same £125 saving over the course of your contract as you'll get with the Sky Stream offer above.

Elsewhere, Sky has dropped the cost of its Sky Stream with Sky Sports and Entertainment bundle from £46 to just £39 per month, and Sky Stream with Sky Cinema from £37 down to £30 per month.

Unfortunately, the headline deals are only available for new customers, or those who have left Sky TV. If you want to upgrade from older hardware, like Sky Q or Sky+HD, then it's best to get in contact with a customer service representative as existing customers will be eligible for different offers.

Sky isn't the only brand that's discounted its TV subscriptions for Black Friday.

Virgin Media is offering three months of its broadband and TV combo for free, before the price returns to its usual £39.50 per month cost. For that, you'll get a Virgin TV 360 box that can pause and rewind live television (just like Sky Stream) and a number of Sky TV channels, including Sky Showcase, Sky Witness, Sky and Comedy Central HD. However, you'll miss out on the likes of Sky Atlantic, which is the home of prestige shows like Mare of Easttown, Game Of Thrones and The White Lotus.

Like Sky's Black Friday bundles, you'll get a Netflix subscription included in the cost, and Virgin Media customers will also benefit from a 264Mbps download speeds with full-fibre broadband too.

BT TV has also cut prices for Black Friday, with a bundle of its fibre broadband and TNT Sports package available for just £1 for the first three months.

After that, this bundle will rise to £50.99 per month. You'll need to sign-up for a 24-month contract for this deal, which is longer than comparable deals with Virgin Media and Sky.

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