Roy Hodgson's abs 'stronger than I thought' says Sheffield United star after amusing fight

Roy Hiodgson Crystal Palace

Roy Hodgson got into a fight with Sheffield United star Max Lowe

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 14/08/2023

- 12:38

Updated: 14/08/2023

- 14:29

The 76-year-old Crystal Palace boss was livid on Saturday

Sheffield United star Maxe Lowe has opened up on his touchline tussle with Roy Hodgson on Saturday.

The Crystal Palace boss clashed with a player 50 years his junior during his side's 1-0 win at Bramall Lane.

And now Lowe has paid Hodgson a compliment over his physique, while also admitting he felt 'terrible' as he scuffled with the 76-year-old.

The two men became embroiled in a spat after the Blades star tried to prevent Hodgson from impeding him, resulting in tempers flaring up.

Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson and Max Lowe clashed as Crystal Palace beat Sheffield United


Lowe was also mocked in the dressing room after the game and was 'shocked' by the chaotic moment.

He said: “All the boys were laughing at me and saying, ‘That’s 1-0 to Roy’.

“Apparently, Roy said he was quite pleased at his reaction because he didn’t know he still had it in him.

"I didn’t either, to be fair. His abs are stronger than I thought!

"I was a bit shocked. I was laughing at the time… only Roy wasn’t laughing!

“I felt terrible afterwards when I realised who it was. In the heat of the moment I forgot where I was and I felt awful at full-time.

“Fair play to him, it was a competitive game and you could see that reflected by both teams on the pitch.

“It was obvious they have players with real good individual quality and we tried to work on that during the week — but it was a sloppy goal to lose, so we are disappointed.”

As for Hodgson, the oldest boss in the Premier League was unfazed following his side's win.

"I don't think he meant to catch me, chasing the ball to the side.

“We both smiled about it. My first reaction of course when I received the blow was complain. But I think it was a pure accident, it was nothing."

Hodgson does want new Premier League rules that allowed only one coach to approach the front of the technical area scrapped, however.

He said: “We are a passionate coaching team who put our heart and soul into our coaching sessions and our preparations.

“Most players at this level are going to be motivated. "But sometimes they need a bit of inspiration, sometimes they need encouragement, sometimes they need a bit of help about something and I’ve always seen that as part of my job.

“It’s harder now they are reducing the number of people to one only — I don’t quite understand that.

"Coaching from the touchline is very much part of our jobs, that is what we are paid for.

“If you are not going to coach from a touchline then I don’t understand why we are at a game in the first place.

"Just send the players out then go and have a cup of tea in the directors’ lounge.”

Palace are next in action against Arsenal on August 21 (8pm).


Crystal Palace Roy Hodgson

Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson guided his side to 1-0 Sheffield United win


As for Sheffield United, the Blades are due to face off against Nottingham Forest on Friday (7.45pm).

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