Bill Belichick 'pursuing other' opportunities after failing to land NFL job upon leaving New England Patriots

Bill Belichick 'pursuing other' opportunities after failing to land NFL job upon leaving New England Patriots

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 23/02/2024

- 22:09

The legendary coach's son has given an update on his dad's future plans

Bill Belichick is 'pursuing some other stuff' after he failed to land a coaching job following his departure from the New England Patriots.

The son of the NFL legend claims that one avenue Belichick is considering is to enter TV punditry for the 2024 season.

Belichick left his role as Patriots coach in early January, coming to a mutual agreement with owner Robert Kraft.

It brought an end to a 24-year spell where he led the team to nine Super Bowls, winning six, but had just suffered his worst regular season performance.

Belichick was linked with an immediate return to coaching, with reports claiming he had multiple interviews with the Atlanta Falcons.

An agreement was not reached and the Falcons instead appointed Raheem Morris.

All teams who had head coach vacancies after the 2023 season have now found people to fill the roles.

That means Belichick, who still has aspirations to get back into coaching, will likely have to wait until 2025.

His son Stephen claims Belichick has reacted well to his exit from the Patriots.

And he claims that he is keeping an eye on other opportunities that come his way.

Stephen Belichick said on the Green Light podcast: "I think he’s good. Let the stuff roll off your back and move forward.

"He doesn’t dwell, unless we lost a game and he needs to get on some guys. Eventually you need to turn the page.

"Honestly I wasn’t too involved in any of that stuff, he did his thing, I did my thing and that was kind of that.

"He’s definitely pursuing some other stuff, whether it’s TV or hopefully a regular on the Green Light or whatever it may be."

Belichick Jnr is currently the defensive coordinator for the University of Washington.

He is sure his dad will soon pay him a visit, adding: "His hobbies would still be to, let’s say, critique football.

"So you know he was excited when I came out here because he got to evaluate the scheme last year, evaluate the players last year.

"I’m sure he’ll come out here at some point to do some stuff. The guy just loves football, so there’s definitely that element.


Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick left the New England Patriots in January


"He does, obviously in Nantucket, whether it's swimming, paddleboarding, biking, all that type of stuff on the island, he does that stuff. Maybe have a couple of cocktails, I don't know."

Belichick was often criticised for showing a lack of emotion during his time at the Patriots.

But he opened up in a letter he wrote for the fans upon his departure.

Belichick wrote: "Nowhere in America are pro sports fans as passionate as in New England and for 24 years, I was blessed to feel your passion and power.

"The Patriots are the only NFL team representing SIX states but in reality, Patriots Nation knows no borders.

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick couldn't land a new coaching job for 2024


"You were undaunted by weather, attended scorching hot training camp practices and braved Foxborough's coldest, wettest, snowiest and windiest days.

"Your thoughtful letters offered support, critique, and creative play suggestions. You watched on TV, the internet, and from your stadium seats.

"You travelled from coast to coast and internationally. Numerous times, you overtook opposing stadiums and were the last fans standing.

"We loved it! You gave your precious time, resources, and energy to our team. We appreciated it!"

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