Laura Woods candidly sheds light on relationship difficulties as Ally McCoist gives verdict

Laura Woods

Laura Woods has opened up on the way her job has impacted her relationships

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 09/08/2023

- 09:40

The 36-year-old is set to spearhead TNT Sports' coverage of the new Premier League season

Laura Woods believes her presenting job has impacted her relationships with her friends, family and other loved ones.

The 36-year-old is currently in the spotlight after it emerged she would be spearheading TNT Sports' coverage of the new Premier League season.

And Woods has now revealed that while she's enjoying her stunning rise to prominence, she's pained by the way her work has cost her in her personal life.

“I would just make sure I always prioritised work,” the presenter, who originally joined Sky Sports as a runner back in 2009, told The Telegraph.

Laura Woods

Laura Woods will spearhead TNT Sports' coverage of the Premier League this season


“That took me through telly, through production, and it took me to here.

"And then I realised, probably in the last couple of years that, although I’ve got to where I want to in terms of my professional career, I’ve probably done it at the expense of some of my own personal relationships.

“I feel like I haven’t spent enough time with my friends and my family.

"I haven’t focussed on that side of my life as much as I want.

"They are completely understanding but you can only miss so many birthdays, parties and weddings. I would love to give it more focus.

“I look at my nieces and nephews and think, ‘God, they are growing up so quickly and I don’t want to miss it’.

"One of my nieces is called Margo. She wants to be a footballer – she’s Arsenal and Lionesses mad. She wears the Arsenal kit every day.

"I would love to take her to see the girls at Arsenal. I want to take her to some other matches. If I’m working all the time, I can’t do that.

“I think they [family and friends] should be my priority, and they always do feel like my priority, even if I’ve been working so hard that they’ve had to take a back seat.”

Woods also reveals the hard work her family have put in behind the scenes to help her career grow.

"We didn't come from money at all," she added.

“There’s four years between me and my big brothers [Paul and Luke], so she [Michelle] had three kids all under the age of four.

"She was a single mum, got a job in our school as a teaching assistant for special needs kids.

"It meant that she could keep an eye on us, and do the same hours. At one point she had two jobs.

“I look at her and take that work ethic on. I would go out and wash cars when I was nine or 10. I worked in restaurants, in pubs, in bars when I was old enough.

"I had an ambition for something. I’ve always worked. Always 100 miles an hour.

“We were always a little bit close to the mark...we didn’t get many new clothes when we were younger. Things like that. Lots of families experience that.

"I think what it bred in me was that I wanted to help my mum out from a young age because she was my best friend. I also figured out very quickly that I could make money.

“My whole family keeps me grounded and I never take anything too seriously. I think that’s the key which is why I want to spend more time with them.”

Woods will be working alongside Ally McCoist at TNT Sports.


Ally McCoist

Ally McCoist has praised Laura Woods, dubbing his colleague 'magic'


The pair have a positive relationship, having previously worked together for talkSPORT.

And McCoist has lavished praise on his colleague, saying: “What you see is what you get with Laura.

“She’s magic. Great fun to be around. No airs and graces. She’ll give you a bit back as well.

"She used to come into her own when the Spurs fans phoned up. I’d just let her get on with it.”

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