Paris Fury provides details on Tyson Fury split before couple got back together - 'Didn't understand'

Paris Fury provides details on Tyson Fury split before couple got back together - 'Didn't understand'

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 26/05/2024

- 15:02

The couple have seven children together

Paris Fury has opened up on her split from Tyson Fury during their younger years, with the 34-year-old revealing how wedding planning nearly forced the couple apart.

The couple have been married ever since November 2008, with the pair originally meeting when they were teenagers.

They have since proceeded to have seven children together, becoming one of boxing's biggest power couples in the process.

However, the duo actually nearly split prior to their wedding.

Paris Fury Tyson Fury

Paris Fury has opened up on her brief split from Tyson Fury when they were both younger


Back in 2008, Fury proposed bringing forward the date of their wedding after failing to see his spot for the Olympics in Beijing.

But Paris believes her husband underestimated the stress involved, with the pair then separating.

In a snippet from her memoir Love and Fury, she said: "My fiance clearly didn't understand the amount of planning and organisation that went into a wedding.

"I was beginning to realise how incredibly impulsive he was, the sort of person who lived life in the moment and liked to make decisions on the hoof.

"In Tyson's world, our big day could be rescheduled on a whim, just like one of his boxing matches."

With the couple unable to agree, Paris put her foot down.

She cancelled their wedding completely and ended their relationship altogether.

Paris said: "It was one conflict after another and after an ugly slanging match with him outside Mam's house, I decided to call time on the wedding and our relationship.

"He thought I was joking and when I dropped the big bombshell, then he realised I was deadly serious."

Fury has never been one to throw in the towel, however.

And he then fought hard to win Paris back, texting her after a trip to Ibiza.

"He sent me an emotionally-charged text," she recalls.

"He told me he couldn't believe I'd abandoned our relationship so easily, and he couldn't bear the thought of me meeting somebody else."

Fury, according to Paris, then warned her he would halt the ceremony if she married somebody else.

This, she claims, left her 'furious'.


Paris Fury

Paris Fury and Tyson Fury have been married ever since 2008


But the couple were then able to overcome their issues and have been together ever since.

They married in 2008 in Doncaster in front of 300 friends and family members.

And their stock has soared after the release of the Netflix series, At Home With The Furys, which has enhanced their fame.

Meanwhile, Fury lost to Oleksandr Usyk last weekend in the biggest fight of his career.

And Frank Warren, the 35-year-old's promoter, believes their rematch later in the year will be an even better contest than their first fight.

Tyson Fury Paris Fury

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk are set to meet for a second time


"There will be a rematch," Warren said.

"I think it will be better than the original fight.

"They both know each other, they've shared the ring and they'll be looking to use what they've gained from the fight as an advantage to beat their opponent."

He continued: "Of course, he [Fury] wants to win and he's got to win.

"He's only asking for the rematch because he thinks he can win. He believes in himself and it would cement his legacy.

"Everyone out there thinks Usyk is the best out there so let's see what Tyson does. He rang me and he said he wants the rematch so here we are."

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