Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight 'will be staged to some degree' after boxing icon was 'forgotten about'

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight 'will be staged to some degree' after boxing icon was 'forgotten about'

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 10/05/2024

- 10:48

EXCLUSIVE: Former boxing star David Price has provided his verdict on the upcoming showdown

The upcoming fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul will likely be 'staged to some degree', according to former boxing star David Price.

However, Price believes Tyson doesn't deserve to be criticised for agreeing to the bout because he had previously been 'forgotten about' by people outside of the sport.

Tyson will be taking part in his first fight since his exhibition showdown with Roy Jones Jr back in 2020.

The 57-year-old has been working hard in the gym to boost his chances of beating Paul, who is 30 years his junior.

Mike Tyson Jake Paul

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul are set to go to war in Texas on July 20


Price, speaking exclusively to GB News via Grosvenor Sport, has wished Tyson luck as the showdown approaches.

Yet the 40-year-old also thinks the showdown will be 'staged to some degree' to ensure neither fighter comes to harm.

"No, not really, good luck to him, I think," he said.

"The thing is with Mike Tyson, it’s great money. I know he's old, obviously, but they've done all kinds of test on him to make sure he can fight and it's a novelty fight at the end of the day.

"In my eyes, it's not a risky fight for them to take, otherwise you can’t be doing it.

"He's going to get paid a fortune, and Mike Tyson was probably short for money for a while until a few years ago, because he was forgotten about for a bit by people outside of boxing.

"Now he's got like this star appeal back again. I've never seen anything like that, people who've never seen him before but still want to watch him.

"If he’s going to get paid mega money, and it's safe to do so, then good luck to him.

"It won't ruin his legacy. People won't remember him for the for the Jake Paul fight when he was like 58 or whatever.

"As long as he's kept safe and got a good team in his corner.

"To be honest, I do think it will all be kind of staged to a degree in order to protect them.

"That's the sad thing about it, you're talking about protection for Mike Tyson against Jake Paul but he's 58.

"Jake Paul is a strong buck, a strong lad and everything else, but yeah, good luck to them both."

Tyson's battle with Paul had initially been expected to be an exhibition bout.

However, it's since been confirmed it will be a professional fight instead - in a decision that has raised eyebrows.


David Price

David Price thinks the upcoming fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul will be 'staged to some degree'


And Paul, speaking on his podcast last week, said it was Tyson's idea to have the fight sanctioned as a professional bout by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.

“They’re just going to say he’s old and you disrespected him and all that sh*t, but I just want to make it clear, Mike Tyson was the one who wanted it to be a pro fight," he said.

“Mike got into training camp and called up people on my team and were like, ‘Let’s do a pro fight. Is Jake down?’ Netflix was like, ‘Let’s make it a pro fight. We’re down,’ And I said to Nakisa (Bidarian), ‘If that’s what Mike wants, then that’s fine, but make sure you tell Mike that there’s no holding back.’

“Whatever happens, happens, and this is war now.

"If Mike’s OK with that, then I’m OK with that.

Mike Tyson Jake Paul

Mike Tyson's upcoming fight with Jake Paul will be a professional fight - instead of an exhibition bout


"But I want Mike to be the one making this decision because I respect him as the legend.

"If he puts me down, I can deal with that. But if I put him down, he needs to be the one making the decision on whether or not he can deal with that.

"But yes, I’m going in there and now it’s a pro fight, it’s on my record, and I’m going to f**king put him down. And if people are p***ed about it, then watch soccer.”

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