Sarah Ferguson's exam results from 1976 discovered at her former boarding school

Sarah Ferguson's exam results from 1976 discovered at her former boarding school

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 10/01/2024

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The Duchess of York attended a private school in Berkshire called Hurst Lodge School

Sarah Ferguson's exam results from 1976 were discovered at her former boarding school, it has been claimed.

Despite being a world bestselling author, the Duchess of York appeared to only pass two O-levels when she attended a private school in Berkshire.

During a renovation of the school, Fergie's June 1976 University of London results were found in a dusty filing cabinet.

It seems the results were left behind at Hurst Lodge School in Ascot, which moved to a new location five years ago.

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson's exam results from 1976 discovered at her former boarding school


The Duchess of York was a weekly boarder at the school in the early 1970s.

Sarah, 64, who is now a successful novelist, was widely reported to have gained six O-levels when she married into the Royal Family.

The school charged roughly £3,000 in annual fees for weekly boarders, which currently equates to £21,000.

The duchess gained an A in spoken English, which is the equivalent of today's English oral GCSE.

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson [R] attended school in the early 1970s


She also got a C in Art, but Ds in English Language, English Literature and Biology, which unfortunately counted as fails. Sarah also failed French and Geography.

A source close to the duchess said: "Academic qualifications are not the be-all and end-all and the duchess is a firm believer in the importance of emotional intelligence and kindness.

"The duchess has always been very open about her lack of a formal education and never made any claims to the contrary."

They also told The Mail: "Indeed, she is proud of the fact she started out scrubbing toilets for a living and has ended up as a Sunday Times bestselling author in her 60s."

Sarah FergusonSarah Ferguson stopped royal duties after her separation from Prince Andrew in 1992Reuters

In her 1996 book My Story, Fergie admitted to struggling in school: "My mind was anywhere but on studies in the summer of 1974.

"Mathematics eluded me, and I laboured on my English but couldn't concentrate."

In her 2011 book Finding Sarah: A Duchess's Journey to Find Herself, she again spoke about her difficulties at school.

She wrote: "I had myself evaluated by experts who confirmed I am ADHD and moderately impaired by dyscalculia [difficulty in understanding numbers]."

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew made a rare joint appearance at the Sandringham Estate on Christmas Day


The duchess reiterated that one can be "successful" without passing exams.

She added: "I was very successful at school. I was made 'head girl' – which is the equivalent of class president.

"I was winning netball captain. I was our class ringleader too, gregarious and dramatic with a flair for stirring up mischief."

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