Royal Family crisis 'will only get worse' despite King Charles and Kate's return home

Royal Family crisis 'will only get worse' despite King Charles and Kate's return home

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 30/01/2024

- 09:33

The number of working royals are "very thin on the ground", according to a royal author

The Royal Family crisis "will only get worse" despite King Charles's and Princess Kate's return home from hospital, a royal commentator has claimed.

The problems with a slimmed-down monarchy were highlighted after the recent health concerns involving the monarch and the Princess of Wales.

This only left a handful of working royals available to carry out engagements, including Princess Anne, Queen Camilla and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.

On Monday, it was announced that King Charles, 75, and Kate, 42, had returned home after undergoing operations at The London Clinic.

Kate Middleton and King Charles

Kate and King Charles were both being treated at The London Clinic


The princess and the King will both be able to return to duties once they have fully recovered.

However, a royal commentator has pointed out that the Firm will have to wait for a further eight years until the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales are of age to officially work.

Prince George will be 18 on July 22, 2031, however, he will likely choose to attend university, meaning he won't start performing duties until the age of 21.

Former royal correspondent Jennie Bond said: "This crisis has definitely highlighted how very thin on the ground working royals are now - and it’s only going to get worse until George, Charlotte and Louis grow up.

King Charles and Queen Camilla

King Charles and Queen Camilla departing the hospital on Monday


"The King has been resolute in his determination to slim down the monarchy and the current situation will convince him to change tack. I think he’s right.

"Only the most churlish would begrudge Charles, Kate and William time off to get over this health shock.

"Of course, there will be charities and organisations who will be disappointed by events being postponed or cancelled - but I’m sure they will be sympathetic and understanding."

The royal commentator suggested an easy way for the King and the Princess of Wales to get back to work while still recuperating.

King Charles

King Charles returned home to recuperate


Prince George

Prince George [second from left] will turn 18 in the year 2031​


Bond told OK!: "One idea might be for the King and William (and Kate when she feels able) to connect with charities etc via video link - as they all did during the pandemic.

"It was very effective — highlighting the causes they support and at the same time keeping the Royal Family in the public eye.

"It also gave us some wonderful fairly informal moments as we 'eavesdropped' on their conversations. So… more of that, please!"

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