Camilla receives huge backing in new poll: ‘Any politician would die for those ratings’

Camilla receives huge backing in new poll: ‘Any politician would die for those ratings’

WATCH NOW: Camilla receives huge backing in new poll

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 23/05/2024

- 13:25

Updated: 23/05/2024

- 13:26

The Queen has "growing influence" according to the Digital Royal Editor

  • Queen Camilla received positive ratings in a new poll
  • GB News' Royal Correspondent and Digital Royal Editor discussed the poll result during The Royal Record podcast
  • You can access the full episode here

Queen Camilla received a huge backing in a new poll, with GB News' Royal Correspondent claiming: "Any politician would die for those ratings!"

In the first episode of GB News' new podcast, The Royal Record, Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker and Digital Royal Editor Svar Nanan-Sen discussed a recent poll where the Queen received an 82 per cent approval rating.

Svar said: "We asked our members, as this month marks one year since King Charles and Queen Camilla were crowned during the Coronation, 'Do you think Camilla has done a good job during her first year as Queen?'

"410 members took part in the poll with a massive 82 per cent saying yes Camilla has done a good job, 16 per cent voted no and two per cent said they did not know.

Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla has received a huge backing in a new poll


"That's an overwhelming majority that think she has done a good job. What's your reaction to that?"

Cameron replied: "Well, any politician would die for those ratings is my first point.

"What a contrast from, I hate to bring it back to 30 years ago, but it is so true. Can you imagine Queen Camilla polling that in the 1990s?

"But there's a reason for that because she really held up the monarchy at the start of this year.

\u200bCameron Walker and Svar Nanan-SenCameron Walker and Svar Nanan-Sen discuss the latest royal developments on a new GB News podcastGB News

"We had the King out of action because of his enlarged prostate and cancer diagnosis, the Princess of Wales out of action because of her abdominal surgery and cancer diagnosis, and Prince William was supporting his wife and his three young children.

"So out of the top four royals, it was only Camilla keeping the show on the road, she carried out a lot of engagements. Also, the charity areas which she's chosen to focus on in her career as a working member of the Royal Family, as Alastair was saying earlier, domestic violence and literacy, I think really resonated with people.

"I remember reporting on this at the time and something which GB news viewers and listeners really cared about was, do you remember when the publisher of the Roald Dahl Books were planning to do new versions of the books to make them less offensive and not use the word fat when talking about Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or something like that?

"The Queen didn't directly address it, but in February 2023 she delivered a speech in Clarence House at a reception full of authors, and I'm paraphrasing, but she said don't allow people to curb your freedom of expression.

Queen Camilla

Camilla was anointed and crowned Queen during King Charles III’s Coronation at Westminster Abbey last year


"A lot of people read that as her indirectly intervening in that particular decision by the publisher, and the publisher changed their mind and continued to publish the original books as well as the new versions.

"I think a lot of the normal British public really were happy that Camilla did that."

Svar added: "Yes, that's a great example of Camilla's growing influence and that an endorsement from Camilla does mean so much now. We've seen her step up this year, both pre the cancer announcement, when they were going on their international royal tours.

"There was a fantastic moment with Camilla and Brigitte Macron during the France tour. She also accompanied Charles in Germany.


Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla has grown in popularity over the years


"After Charles was diagnosed with cancer, she's had a very different role, but a role of leadership and something that she's really stepped up to the plate with.

"We saw her lead the Royal Family at the Thanksgiving Service in February, that was also in the absence of Prince William. We're seeing a new side to Camilla since she has become Queen."

Cameron said: "I think she carries her own because there were a few engagements that the Queen did solo, but the original plan was for the King to be with her, so she can command a crowd and people love to see her.

"So it would be interesting to see how all of her work and polling continues in the future."

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