‘He doesn’t know when to stop!’ Prince Harry 'clearly rich enough' to pay for his own security - Charles Rae

‘He doesn’t know when to stop!’ Prince Harry 'clearly rich enough' to pay for his own security - Charles Rae

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 03/04/2024

- 15:39

Prince Harry has said he will visit the UK 'as much as he can' following King Charles's cancer diagnosis

Former Royal Correspondent Charles Rae says Prince Harry "doesn't know when to stop", as he prepares for a return to the UK.

The Prince is set to return to his homeland for an Invictus Games church service on May 8th.

Speaking to GB News, Rae admitted he is "sceptical" as to whether Prince Harry will attend alone or if wife Meghan Markle will be in attendance alongside him.

Rae added he is unsure if the Duchess will "ever step foot in the UK again". He also believes Prince Harry's security arrangements for when he visits the UK are still "up in the air".

Prince Harry and Charles Rae

Charles Rae says Prince Harry 'doesn't know when to stop'

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Rae fumed: "He thinks that Britain is the most unsafe country in the world. He's clearly not remembered what it's like in the United States."

Host Emily Carver said if Meghan chooses not to attend, it will "not help her relationship with the country" as the Sussexes seek to regain popularity in Britain.

Emily discussed the Prince's ongoing legal battle with the Home Office regarding his security, highlighting the "estimated taxpayer cost of £500,000 and £1million bill for legal advice".

She asked Rae: "Which way do you think that's going to go in the end?"

Rae speculated: "At the moment he's considering appealing yet again, so that's going to add to the public purse."

He told GB News: "I don't think this guy knows when to stop. How many times does he need to be told he's no longer a member of the working Royal Family?

"He is not entitled to have the police protections that are afforded to the Royal Family, which you and I pay for. If he comes here, he's clearly rich enough to pay for his own private security. If he comes here and is with or sees members of the Royal Family, he will be covered by the police protection that is around the Royal Family."

Host Tom Harwood was in agreement with Rae, adding: "I still am amazed that they went to live in California. Perhaps I shouldn't be amazed, but I thought they originally said they wanted to go and live in Canada, at least within the Commonwealth, at least under the crown?"

Emily responded: "But there's not as much glitz and glamour. Not as many opportunities to join up with Spotify and Netflix in Canada."

Charles Rae

Charles Rae says Prince Harry's security arrangements are 'up in the air'

GB News

Turning the discussion to Meghan Markle, Rae was asked if the Duchess is "planning a little return to the UK" and if the British public would welcome her back, to which Rae responded "I'll believe it when I see it!"

He told Emily and Tom: "Until I see her step off that plane, I do not believe that she will be here. I think too much has gone on, and I'm sure that if she does come, she will get a very cuddly and warm welcome.

"You just got to look at the last few years and see what the Sussexes have done with their continued criticisms of the Royal Family and the fact that we've heard before that she doesn't want to come back to this country.

"You'd have thought if she was serious about coming here, we'd already know that she was coming here."

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