Lady Victoria Hervey slams Prince Harry's visit to the King: 'Better he didn't come!'

Lady Victoria Hervey slams Prince Harry's visit to the King: 'Better he didn't come!'

WATCH: Lady Victoria Hervey on Prince Harry visiting the King

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 03/03/2024

- 15:21

Updated: 03/03/2024

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Prince Harry has promised to visit the UK 'as much as he can' following King Charles's cancer diagnosis

Prince Harry has been scolded by Lady Victoria Hervey as the royal continues his work in America, while King Charles receives cancer treatment.

The Duke of Sussex recently spoke for the first time about King Charles's cancer diagnosis with ABC's Good Morning America, becoming the first Royal to publicly discuss the monarch's condition.

The interview followed a whirlwind visit to the UK to see his estranged father, less than 24 hours after Buckingham Palace announced his cancer diagnosis.

The King met with his son for a reported "maximum 45 minutes" before being flown to Sandringham with the Queen.

Lady Victoria Hervey / Prince Harry

Lady Victoria Hervey criticises Prince Harry's visit to the UK

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In a conversation held during the Duke's Invictus Games press event, Harry admitted he "loves his family" and he was "grateful" to be able to visit the King so soon after the announcement.

He also revealed he plans to visit the UK "as much as he can" to be with the King as he receives his cancer treatment.

Discussing Prince Harry's recent trip to the UK, which lasted less than 48 hours, socialite Lady Victoria Hervey told GBN America it would have been "better if he didn't come" at all.

Lady Victoria blasted the Duke and said his short meeting with the King was "not enough".

King Charles

King Charles is currently receiving treatment for 'a form of cancer'


Lady Victoria told host Nana Akua: "Your father is potentially dying and you just fly in to see him that quickly?"


Lady Victoria fumed: "I don't think that's right. It's almost better that he didn't come. Just to add him into his little itinerary of, oh, I'm gonna come in and see you for that amount of time."

Nana then argued: "Well, there's no indication that he's dying?"

Lady Victoria agreed: "No, but obviously if you have a serious cancer and it's serious enough for everybody to be told about it...

"What Harry did to his grandmother is unforgivable. And what President Trump said about that was very good, actually, because he just said I'm not going to be standing behind Harry if I become President, because of what he did to his grandmother."

Lady Victoria added: "When she was in her last years of her life, he was too busy running around LA with the new wife. So I think with Harry it's always a little bit too late."

Nana Akua

Nana Akua said the Sussex PR camp are most likely telling them to 'stay away'

GBN America

Lady Victoria criticised the Sussexes' continued "running around" despite King Charles and Princess Kate's health concerns, branding them "ridiculous".

Nana responded: "I think if the rumour is to be believed, they're probably saying just stay away and just get on with living your life and stop publicising everything."

Lady Victoria said: "I think if he did come and see his father and actually spend some real time with him, don't publicise it.

"Just come in, sneak in, don't put it out as a PR situation where everyone has to know - he's doing it really just to keep the networks interested. He still has contact with the Royal family, because without that, he doesn't have anything."

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