BBC hit with calls to sack reporter who claimed woman pictured next to William is 'clearly not' Kate

BBC hit with calls to sack reporter who claimed woman pictured next to William is 'clearly not' Kate

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 20/03/2024

- 17:08

The Princess of Wales was photographed over the weekend in Windsor

  • The BBC is under pressure to sack a reporter who made claims about Princess Kate
  • The Prince and Princess of Wales were spotted going to a farm shop over the weekend
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The BBC has been hit with calls to sack a reporter who claimed the woman pictured next to Prince William is "clearly not" Princess Kate.

A video released by The Sun earlier this week showed the Prince and Princess of Wales visiting a farm shop in Windsor.

Kate, 42, had been busy recuperating following her planned abdominal surgery in January, and this was the first piece of footage royal fans had seen of the princess.

However, BBC Sports reporter Sonja McLaughlan is not convinced the video is real.

Sonja McLaughlan and Kate Middleton

Sonja McLaughlan made a baseless claim about Princess Kate


She appeared to suggest that the woman seen walking with Prince William, captured by an onlooker, was not Princess Kate.

Commenting on the viral video, McLaughlan said: “It’s so obviously not Kate. Some newspapers are reporting it as fact.

“But it’s not her. No conspiracy theorist but all very odd.”

She also questioned why UK newspapers were “reporting this as fact”, and speculated that it “could be a couple of lookalikes making mischief”.

Kate and WilliamPrincess Kate and Prince William were spotted at a farm shop over the weekendGetty

Her post didn't go down well with many of Kate's supporters.

One responded: “I'm bothered that you are perpetuating ridiculous claims.

“It is Catherine, it is well known that they visit that farm shop. We've always been told she will be resuming duties after Easter, that's only a few weeks away.”

A second added: “Conspiracy theorists should not be doing the news. Especially not on a public supported station.”

Kate MiddletonKate had 'planned abdominal surgery' in JanuaryGetty

A third fumed: “Sonja - you'll have the BBC's lead disinformation officer investigating you for being a conspiracy theorist.”

The person who recorded Kate and William on the weekend rejected the “ridiculous” claims that it wasn't the princess in the clip, and added that "excited” staff recognised her.

Nelson Silva, 40, captured the moment the future Queen visited the Windsor Farm Shop on Saturday, as she walked side-by-side with William.

The video sparked numerous conspiracy theories about her whereabouts, with many claiming it was Kate's lookalike instead.


Kate MiddletonConspiracy theories have subsequently emerged about the health of Princess KateGetty

But the father said the social media users behind the rumours are “delusional”.

It comes after the body-double rumour spread amassed more than 12 million views on X and over 11 million on TikTok.

Silva said he is “confused” about the rumours. He told The Sun, who first published the video: “This is a video clearly showing her and William.

“I saw them with my own eyes. It was a completely relaxed situation. What more do you need to lay off her? I thought after this was released they’d go quiet. But these people are so invested in the drama now.”

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