Harry and Meghan 'foaming at the mouth' at idea of William becoming King

Harry and Meghan 'foaming at the mouth' at idea of William becoming King

WATCH NOW: Mark Dolan says Meghan and Harry are 'jealous' of Prince William

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 27/01/2024

- 10:42

King Charles was admitted to hospital on Friday for a procedure on his enlarged prostate

Author and Commentator Peter Lloyd has hit out at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, as the royal couple remain silent about King Charles and Princess Kate's hospitalisations.

In the last two weeks, the Princess of Wales and the King have undergone surgery for personal health concerns.

Kate Middleton is recovering at The London Clinic, after having a successful "planned abdominal surgery".

King Charles was admitted to the same hospital in Marylebone on Friday for a "corrective procedure", after being diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.

King Charles

King Charles is receiving treatment after being diagnosed with an enlarged prostate


Queen Camilla attended the hospital with the monarch, and left with a smile six hours after arriving.

The Queen told media the King is "fine" after having his treatment.

Amid His Majesty's health concerns and the four most senior royals stepping back from engagements in the short term, commentator Peter Lloyd suggested the King should "abdicate" and allow Prince William to lead the Royal Family.

GB News host Mark Dolan was shocked as Lloyd made the claim and joked "are you trying to get yourself cancelled?!"

Lloyd explained his view, claiming: "I think that King Charles should abdicate and I think that Prince William should step up and do the job, purely because I would love to see the reaction of Harry and Meghan.

"Imagine how delicious that would be to see them foaming at the mouth over William becoming King?"

Journalist Nina Myskow fumed at Lloyd, arguing: "Why would they foam at the mouth? You're being completely ridiculous!"

Mark Dolan then hit back as Myskow: "Well, they'd be wild and jealous, Nina. Catherine would be Queen!"

Peter Lloyd

Peter Lloyd says Harry and Meghan will be 'foaming at the mouth' with jealousy over Prince William

GB News

Myskow shut down Mark and Lloyd's comments, stating: "So what? The King has waited this long to fulfil his role. He is not going to go easily.

"I mean over his dead body, literally, he is not going to give up. And in terms of the engagements that he's carried out, he carries out about three or four times the engagements that William does.

"William is a bit of a shirker I've always thought - an entitled shirker. He's supposed to be you know taking the helm because Catherine's in hospital and then he's cancelled all his engagements too.

"Honestly that seems ridiculous to me. He should be doing his share."

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