Angela Levin issues health update on King Charles: 'He can't bear it!'

Angela Levin issues health update on King Charles: 'He can't bear it!'

King Charles health latest: ‘We mustn't expect too much’ from the King

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 27/03/2024

- 10:58

The King has been in treatment after he was diagnosed with cancer

Royal commentator Angela Levin says King Charles is 'bored' as she issued a health update on the monarch after he was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

King Charles and Queen Camilla will attend this week's Easter Sunday service, in what will be the monarch's first official public outing since his cancer diagnosis.

The 75-year-old paused all public-facing duties after announcing his illness which was discovered after having corrective surgery for an enlarged prostate.

Speaking on GB News, Levin said: "I think it's a very important day. If he can manage being there and if he smiles and he's okay, I think it will make a huge difference.

Queen Camilla and King CharlesQueen Camilla and King Charles will be attending this week's Easter Sunday serviceGetty

"We mustn't expect too much because there's only going to be a few royals. He's going to lead them, but we don't know how many there will be.

"There won't be very many and he has to take it very carefully.


Angela Levin

Angela Levin issued an update on the monarchs health

GB News

GB News host Eamonn Holmes agreed: "A man of that age needs to be very careful. Particularly meeting people and being close to people. I suppose the concern is medically catching something while he's undergoing treatments."

Levin said: "Yes. Your body is able to accept any germ that's wandering around. So that's what he really must look after.

"He is so bored he can't bear it. He's never in his life been at home so much and not being able to go out and meet people.

"His life is meeting people, talking to people of all types, all ages. But he can't do that and it's very frustrating."

King Charles

King Charles is "bored" of being at home


Princess Kate and Prince William will not be attending, following the Princess of Wales announcing her own cancer diagnosis.

Last week, the Princess of Wales revealed she was undergoing a course of preventative chemotherapy for cancer.

It has been reported that The King travelled from London for a private lunch with his daughter-in-law Kate on Thursday.

It is thought the pair talked about Kate’s video announcement in which she said the discovery was a 'huge shock' but said she was 'going to be OK'.

A source said: “It is highly unusual for just the two of them to sit down together like this. The King had already been made aware that the woman he calls ‘my beloved daughter-in-law’ had cancer.

“They would have had lots to discuss and share because just weeks earlier the King had begun his course of treatment and dealt with announcing his diagnosis. The King left his lunch feeling very emotional."

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