DeSantis given ‘participation trophy’ by prankster: ‘He’s our little snowflake’

DeSantis given ‘participation trophy’ by prankster: ‘He’s our little snowflake’

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Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 15/01/2024

- 21:35

Updated: 15/01/2024

- 21:42

Republicans in Iowa can start casting votes in the Hawkeye State’s GOP primary race today

Ron DeSantis has received a “participation trophy” from a prankster in Iowa ahead of the Hawkeye State’s key Republican primary race.

DeSantis was seen as Donald Trump’s main Republican rival but is now languishing behind the ex-President and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

A comedian carrying a gold trophy interrupted the Florida Governor during his appearance in Iowa to add insult to injury.

He said: “Governor DeSantis, I want to present to you this participation trophy.”

Ron DeSantis was handed a 'participation trophy' by a pranksterRon DeSantis was handed a 'participation trophy' by a pranksterTWITTER

The prankster added: “Now, [you’re] probably not gonna win the election, right? But we’re proud of you for trying.

“He’s special, he’s unique, and he’s our little snowflake.”

DeSantis, who refused to accept the gift, is continuing with his bruising bid for the White House.

The 45-year-old was once seen as the darling of the GOP grassroots but is struggling to build momentum.

However, DeSantis was defiant about challenging Trump for the conservative crown.

He said: “I will brave whatever is thrown at me. Nothing is handed to you in life.”

DeSantis added: “We’re not stopping. We’re finally fired up and excited for the opportunity.”

Ron DeSantis turned friend-to-foe for Donald Trump

Ron DeSantis turned friend-to-foe for Donald Trump


Campaign insiders also hope the Florida Governor’s bid will pick up pace as the GOP turns its eyes to South Carolina.

However, Trump's allies are confident DeSantis has already run out of steam.

Pastor Mark Burns, who is closely connected with the 45th President's inner circle, told GB News: "The DeSantis campaign is out of due season. His campaigns optimism is admirable, however they have a slow leak and trending towards flat. Its a clear case of too much, too little, too late."

He added: "The Republican base don't trust DeSantis. He's a Benedict Arnold to the true conservative cause and bit the hand that fed when he betrayed President Trump who backed him when he needed Trump's help. DeSantis is not a public servant but an opportunitist."

Republican voters across Iowa will go to the polls from today to decide who will race into an early lead for the GOP nomination.

DeSantis, who toured all 99 counties in the Hawkeye State, trails Haley and Trump in the latest Iowa poll.

An opinion poll by Emerson put the Florida Governor on just 15 per cent, with Haley on 21 per cent and Trump storming ahead on 55 per cent.

The 45th President has defied long-standing convention by commanding an enormous lead despite largely campaigning 1,500-miles away in Mar-a-Lago.

Ron DeSantis' support has plummeted in the opinion polls

Ron DeSantis' support has plummeted in the opinion polls


DeSantis was seen as Trump’s main challenger after his landslide re-election as Sunshine State Governor in the 2022 Midterm Elections.

A predicted “red wave” failed to materialise as pressure continued to mount on Trump as DeSantis briefly leapfrogged the 45th President among GOP voters.

DeSantis has been looking to court Iowa’s Christian Republicans by promoting a six-week abortion ban and attacking transgender rights.

He won over Iowa’s Republican Governor Kim Reynolds as Trump landed former 2024 candidate Doug Burgum and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

However, support for DeSantis has drastically fallen in recent months as Trump’s lead grows.

Greg Swenson, who is chairman of Republicans Overseas UK, told GB News: “The biggest reason is Trump indictments. DeSantis and Trump were tied in March. The Alvin Bragg indictment took Trump from 45 per cent to 60 per cent overnight. It’s the indictments - all that support came from DeSantis with a 30-point swing.”

Swenson, who claimed Haley faces being “crushed” on home soil in South Carolina as she continues to win over 'Never Trumpers', added: “If Ron comes in third, there is no path for him. Even second he will have to get 30 per cent.

“But it’s all about momentum. If a candidate gets more or less than expected that’s important.”

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